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‘We are here, we are ready, and we are eager to see what God is about to do’

More than 4,000 youth and their chaperones clearly energized ...

‘About to have the time of their lives’

A quick but random check revealed an obvious reason so ...

Triennium stage is set

As the Rev. Rob Mueller of Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church ...

Coming soon: a toolkit for your church’s mission committee

World Mission staff has created a variety of online resources ...

Streams of mercy, never ceasing

Presbyterian Youth Triennium staff and volunteers prepared for the Tuesday ...

휴스턴 지역 교회는 아폴로 11 호 달 착륙 50 주년을 반영함

웹스터 장로교회 교인들은 역사적인 사명을 수행함

Con respecto a los/as ancianos/as gobernantes: una serie mensual para servir fielmente

Caminar por el laberinto

사역장로에 관하여: 충실히 봉사하기 위한 월간 시리즈

미로 걷기

Regarding Ruling Elders: A Monthly Series for Serving Faithfully

Walking the Labyrinth

La iglesia del área de Houston reflexiona sobre el 50 aniversario del aterrizaje lunar del Apolo 11

Los miembros de la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Webster desempeñaron un papel importante en la misión histórica

Houston area church reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing

Webster Presbyterian Church members played a role in historic mission

The power of prayer walking

The Rev. Lorenzo Small admits he had never heard of ...

The theology of barn-raising

My mother has a fascination with cemeteries and the stories ...

Top 10 things to do at #BigTent2019

Big Tent, to be held in Baltimore Aug. 1-3, is ...

New accompaniment program at the border helps keep migrants safe

Sitting in our comfortable homes in the U.S., it ...

Theological education leader Joyce C. Tucker dies

The Rev. Dr. Joyce Cummings Tucker, a Presbyterian pastor, author ...

총회 사무국은 이민 관련 채플을 인도함

옹호자들은 이주자 가족을 지원함에 대한 새 헌신을 요구함

PMA Board to consider what’s needed to boost Stony Point Center’s viability

The consultant hired to determine the steps needed to reasonably ...

OGA leads chapel service on immigration

Advocates call on renewed commitment to support migrant families

Peacemaker has seen and experienced religious persecution firsthand

Growing up in Myanmar, Thang Van Lian has seen religious ...