PC(USA) News and Announcements

Sextuplets baptized — first in history of PC(USA)

The story of a father and mother and the sextuplets ...

정서기는 기후 변화에 관한 새로운 UN 보고서에 응답하다

지구의 대기가 생각보다 더 빨리 따뜻해질 것으로 예상 됨

Hunger Action Congregations run toward food security

Twenty-seven years of Saturdays, approximately 1,400 consecutive weekends of ...

Secretario permanente responde al nuevo informe de las Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático

Se espera que la atmósfera de la Tierra se caliente más rápido de lo que se pensaba.

Mission partnership: We all have something we need — and something to give

A church doesn’t have to be wealthy to be ...