PC(USA) News and Announcements

PMAB responds to De La Rosa’s ‘open letter’ to Way Forward Commission

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board (PMAB) has written a letter ...

New interactive map highlights Presbyterian historic sites in St. Louis area

Resource will aid visitors to Big Tent this year, GA223 next year

Where leadership thrives: Summer camp and the hope for the world

As the world tilts towards chaos and we stare down ...

«Conversaciones Teológicas» emite 500 años y contando para el mes de junio del 2017

En la sexta publicación de Conversaciones Teológicas del 2017, el ...

한반도 평화를 위한 기도의 절기

6월 25에서부터 8월 15일까지 미국장로교회는 지킵니다