PC(USA) News and Announcements

Presbyterians join Coalition of Immokalee Workers at Wendy’s shareholders meeting

As many as 27 supporters of the Fair Food Program ...

Following God’s detour

One day, while taking a break from studying in the ...

«No estamos muriendo, nos estamos reformando»

Aspectos significativos del reporte estadístico del 2017

"우린 죽지 않았습니다. 우리는 개혁하고 있습니다."

2017 통계 보고서의 중요한 측면

‘We are not dying. We are Reforming.'

Significant Aspects of the 2016 Statistical Report

New incentive loan offered to help churches make campuses more accessible

Congregations wishing to make their facilities more accessible and inclusive ...

PC(USA) membership decline continues but slows

Net loss of 89,893 is lowest since 2011

미국장로교회 교인 감소는 계속되지만 느려짐

89,893 교인 수의 순 손실(Net Loss)은 2011년 이후 가장 적다

Continua el declive de la membresía de la IP(EE.UU.) a paso lento

Pérdida neta de 89,893 es la más baja desde el 2011

Big Tent 2017 reflects new approach to big gatherings

'How should the church respond when sin disrupts the church ...

Disability Inclusion Sunday is May 28

May 28 is designated Disability Inclusion Sunday by the Presbyterian ...

Office of Faith-Based Investing releases new video

The Office of Faith-Based Investing is releasing a new video ...

빅텐트 실시간 총회 예배 통역 제공

루이빌 - 미국장로교 (Presbyterian Church) Big Tent 행사에서 처음으로 본회의 및 ...

Líder de estudio bíblico para La Gran Carpa declara «Dios ama nuestras diferencias»

Eric D. Barreto, profesor asociado del Nuevo Testamento en el ...

‘Facing Racism’ campaign offers Belhar resources

As part of the Facing Racism antiracism campaign, the PC ...