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“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.” — 1 Corinthians 12:4

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Do you ask any of these questions?

  • We want to talk with a congregation about their experience in a ministry with persons who have serious mental illness. Who is doing this ministry?
  • I live in Wisconsin. Is there a faith community nurse close to where my mother lives in Florida?
  • We have heard about different models for ministry with children with disabilities. Before we settle on one, we would like to talk with some congregations who have established programs. Where do we learn about these?

This directory helps members of PC(USA) congregations learn from the experiences of others. Congregations are invited to self-report the health-related ministries they are engaged in. Through the directory, we are better able to identify and lift up outstanding models of ministries for the wider church family. It is all about being a connectional church and living out our call to be a community of health, healing and wholeness.

Please complete the form below to report the health-related ministries your congregation offers. This information is shared with other congregations seeking to connect with those who are offering the same ministry, as well as individual members of congregations seeking resources.

  • Which of the following ministries does your congregation participate in?