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“They left their nets and followed him.” —Matt. 4:19

Manager, WatSan Centres at CCAP / Instructor/ Lecturer Biblical Studies

Tyler Holm teaches theology to future pastors at the University of Livingstonia Faculty of Theology, which is affiliated with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian’s Synod of Livingstonia. His work is meeting a key need of CCAP to train pastors in that the clergy/lay ratio in their Malawian synods is 1:7,000! Dr. Rochelle Holm manages the University of Mzuzu’s WatSan Centre, which is committed to increasing the availability of clean water and sanitation in northern Malawi and beyond. She also assists the Synod of Livingstonia Development Department in its water and sanitation work. Tyler and Rochelle emphasize that Rochelle’s expertise in water and sanitation and Tyler’s skills in teaching theology are built on their unwavering passion to follow Christ’s call. Home ecclesiastical body: West Side Church,

Richland, WA


Mission Worker:  Dr. Rochelle Holm and Tyler Holm