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“Though I was blind, now I see.” —John 9:25

Missions Facilitators, Philippines

Working alongside the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), Carlton (Cobbie) Palm reaches out and witnesses to Christ in various ways. He leads seminars for pastors and lay leaders to enhance their skills in evangelistic preaching. He works to enable development projects such as clean water, waste, and sanitation, and he leads value formation seminars for youth in conflict with the law. He also promotes peace and reconciliation through his advocacy role in Christian Muslim peace talks. Dessa Palm works in a theater ministry with the UCCP that advances its evangelism and advocacy efforts. Together, the Palms provide sacred space for Young Adult Volunteers who will explore their call to serve God in the church and in the world. Home presbytery: Hudson River


Mission Worker:  Carlton "Cobbie" Palm and Dessa Quesada Palm