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“Though I was blind, now I see.” —John 9:25

Peace Initiative Promoter and Pastoral Accompanier

Sarah Henken is serving as the Peace Initiative Promoter and Pastoral Accompanier to the Presbyterian Church of Colombia (IPC). Work for peace and reconciliation has been a focus of the PC(USA)-IPC partnership for over 20 years. Sarah collaborates with the Peace Commission of the IPC in developing activities and educational materials for the promotion of peace and reconciliation in Colombia in local church communities and with populations served by ministries of the IPC in its three presbyteries. She also works to facilitate and strengthen the ties and partnerships between the IPC and PC(USA) constituents, in order to build energy and capacity for mutual mission. She is based in Barranquilla, and continues to coordinate the YAV site in Colombia. Home presbytery: San Fernando.


Mission Worker:  Sarah Henken