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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Cultural Proficiency
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How culturally proficient am I?

Try this exercise

Becoming culturally proficient is an ongoing process. One of the tools of cultural proficiency is its essential elements.

The essential elements of cultural proficiency consist of five behavior standards that measure, plan for and facilitate a culturally proficient mindset. This mindset informs how productively we:

  • Assess culture
  • Value diversity
  • Manage the dynamics of difference
  • Adapt to diversity
  • Institutionalize cultural knowledge

The downloadable below exercise will help you assess how culturally proficient you are individually and/or organizationally. The questions asked provide a baseline of information and will assist you in determining where to start your conversation about becoming culturally proficient. Be candid in your responses. 

The assessment is approximately 20 minutes. 


Identify which number appears most frequently a) under each essential element or b) overall.  This will indicate how you respond to cultural diversity connected to a particular essential element or generally and provides a baseline for your journey toward cultural proficiency.