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“The word of God is living and active.” —Hebrews 4:12

Discipleship is . . .

intentionally helping one another to recognize God’s grace and
to walk in the Way of Christ with gratitude. 

 Invitational  Formational  Educational


Creating an awareness of God’s presence in our lives and learning to tell our stories and to invite others to discover God’s grace

Cultivating spiritual practices in  Christian community that provide strong foundations of faith for living in gratitude

Nurturing compassionate and prophetic disciples through challenging study and holy conversations

Building disciples and faith communities that engage in service and mission as spiritual practice


“Come and follow me.”  (Jesus, Matthew 4:19a)


Jesus invited his first disciples to join in the incredible work of transformational and missional living. He showed men, women, and children how to live as kingdom of God people. He modeled discipleship as invitational, formational, and educational.

God continues to invite, form, and nurture disciples today. Christ calls us into covenant community to support one another on the way. The Holy Spirit guides us to make room for others and to do all things justly, for the glory of God. Come and join us.