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“And he told them many things in parables…” — Matthew 13:3

basket with bountiful harvestPW Mission Pledge

The PW Mission Pledge helps fund the mission work of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and largely finances the operating budgets of Presbyterian Women at the churchwide, synod, presbytery and congregation levels. Contributions to the Mission Pledge support the church’s evangelism, church planting, education and justice work as well as ministry to children, youth, older adults, new immigrants, rural, urban and suburban populations across the United States and around the world.

Give to the PW Mission Pledge*

The largest beneficiary of the PW mission pledge is the denomination. Without the mission pledge, the church’s ministry in the world would shrink. For Presbyterian Women, the mission pledge makes possible programs, resources, scholarships, events and much more. The USA Mission Experience, Horizons magazine and Bible study, the Global Exchange, justice work and so much more are possible because of the Mission Pledge. 

Read highlights of what the Mission Pledge makes possible!

*Receipts for online giving go to the individual only; if you want your presbytery or synod to include your giving to their total(s) you must share the information with them.

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation checklist

Each Presbyterian Women in the Congregation group will have one person responsible for the Mission Pledge. In most cases, this is the moderator, but use whatever model works for your group. The moderator (or person responsible for the Mission Pledge) should do the following.

In 2017

1. Read the packet of information sent to PW in the Congregations as part of the annual Mission Pledge mailing (mailing in late July 2017). You may download the packet here. (Please note that the single packet includes information for PW groups at all levels, replacing the separate packets from previous years.)


2.  Order PW Mission Pledge buttons for your PW group. The buttons, which read “I shared my blessings!” are a great way to thank donors and promote this giving opportunity. To order, contact Carissa Herold at (844) 797-2872, x5322 or Jung Ju Winner at (844) 797-2872, ext. 5389. Allow six weeks for delivery. Note: Only PWC moderators may order buttons.

3. Create a PWC Mission Pledge card for each person in your group. The card is part of the booklet. You may also download the cards separately here.


4. If your presbytery uses the congregational pledge form, after the PW in the Congregation makes its pledge, the form should be filled out with the total PWC pledge and mailed to the treasurer of Presbyterian Women in your presbytery by November 15, 2017. Download the PW in the Congregation Mission Pledge form as a fillable PDF.


In 2018,

5. Follow up with members of your PW in the Congregation to receive pledges and forward them quarterly (with the PW in the Congregations Remittance form) to your PW in the Presbytery treasurer. Quarterly payments should be sent by March 10, June 10, September 10 and December 10. Your presbytery may have a specific form or procedure to follow. If you do not know the deadlines or do not have the form used by your presbytery, email Presbyterian Women to find out the name and contact information of your PWP treasurer.

Presbyterian Women in the Presbyteries checklist

Each Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery group will have one person responsible for the Mission Pledge. This may be the moderator, treasurer and/or Celebration Giving Representative, depending on the model used by your presbytery. That person should do the following to promote and collect the Mission Pledge.

In 2017,

1. Make sure that each PW in the Congregation received a copy of the Mission Pledge packet. If a group did not receive one, let them know to order or download a copy. (Please note that the single packet includes information for PW groups at all levels, replacing the separate packets from previous years.)

2. Read the Mission Pledge packet. The packet is mailing late July 2017 or you may download it here.


3. When PWC pledge forms are submitted, review them and compile a list of each PW in the Congregation group, the amount pledged by each group and the total of all pledges.

4. Record the total on the PWP Mission Pledge form and attach the list of PWCs pledging.

Download the PWP Mission Pledge Form in PDF format.


Keep a copy for yourself and send copies by December 1, 2017, to the

  • Treasurer of PW in the Presbytery

  • Moderator of PW in the Synod

  • PW Business Office, 100 Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY 40202-1396

In 2018

5. Send quarterly pledges from congregations in your presbytery to Presbyterian Women Churchwide (with the PW in the Presbytery Remittance form). Pledges should be mailed by March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

Download a remittance form for PW in the Presbyteries.


If you have questions, contact Rhonda Martin.

Presbyterian Women in the Synods

Be sure to support the efforts of moderators of PW in the presbyteries and congregations. Promote the Mission Pledge at all PW events.

PW groups make contributions to the Mission Pledge in the fall of each year. All leaders in Presbyterian Women should encourage commitments to the PW Mission Pledge. Moderators of Presbyterian Women in the Congregations, Presbyteries and Synods and Celebration Giving Representatives should encourage commitments to the PW Mission Pledge.