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“Surely God is my salvation.” — Isaiah 12:1

Presbyterian Mission Agency
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Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting Information Items September 2013

Information Items

All items that do not require an action and are shared with the Board for information only. These items are for review by the Board.

A.200 - Management Report - July 2013 Revised 9.24.13

A.201 - PMPF Report - July 2013 Revised 9.18.13

A.202 - Per Capita Report - July 2013

A.203 - Curriculum Report - July 2013

A.204 - Stony Point Financials - July 2013

A.205 - Ghost Ranch Financials - July 2013

A.206 - Endowments & Gifts Report (First & Second Quarters)

A.207 - Banking - Closed Accounts

A.208 - Information Technology Report

A.209 - Coordinated Loan Program Report

A.210 - Presbyterian Foundation 2nd Quarter Performance Report

A.211 - Stony Point Transitional Task Team Report

A.212 - Presbyterian Foundation Meeting Report


B.200 - Presbyterian Hunger Program Advisory Committee Minutes, March 2013

B.201 - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Advisory Committee Minutes, March 2013

B.202 - Jarvie Commonweal Service Committee Minutes, October 2012

B.203 - National Committee on the Self-Development of People Minutes, January 2013

B.204 - Mission Responsibility Through Investment Program Update

B.205 - Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Update

B.206 - Jinishian Memorial Program United States Advisory Committee Draft Minutes, April 25-26, 2013

B.207 - Jinishian Memorial Program Commission Meeting Draft Minutes, April 25-26, 2013

B.208 - World Mission Funds Development Report

B.209 - Special Offerings Funds Development Report

B.210 - Preliminary Discussions on Definitions of Compassionate Prophetic Discipleship

B.211 - Gender Pay Equity Study

B.212 - Crisis in Syria: The Presbyterian Mission Agency's Response


C.200 - Missional Relationship Report with the Presbyterian Association of Musicians

C.201 - Restructuring of For Such A Time As This

C.202 - Update on Transformational Leadership Action Implementation Team

C.203 - Work of CMP Toward Goal of Tranformational Leaders

C.204 - Committee on Theological Education Minutes, March 2013

C.205 - Appointment Actions for Mission Personnel

C.206 - African American Mentoring Event

C.207 - Cook Native American Ministries Information Report

C.208 - Knoxville College Information Report Revised 9.24.13

C.209 - Presbyterian Women USA Mission Experience 2013 - Unto These Hills

C.210 - Celebrating PW's 25th Anniversary

C.211 - RE&WM/PW Big Tent Events

C.212 - Invitation to Conversation and Constructive Collaboration


D.200 - Report on Progress of 1001 New Worshiping Communities

D.201 - Mid Year 1001 New Worshiping Communities "Seed" Grant Program

D.202 - New Beginnings Update

D.203 - Racial Ethnic and New Immigrant Church Growth Consultation

D.204 - African American Church Growth Strategy Consultation

D.205 -Update on Directory for Worship and Hopes for Usefulness with New Worshiping Communities

D.206 - National Council of Korean Presbyterian Churches - 42nd Annual Conference

D.207 - Upcoming Interfaith Consultation

D.208 - New Denominational Curriculum

D.209 - Ghost Ranch Update

D.210 - Mission Development Resources Committee Report  Revised 9.25.13


H.200 - Survey Regarding Future Board Meetings

H.201 - Executive Director Review Process


P.200 - Stony Point Center Financial Information