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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Getting Involved

Salt and Light

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Invite an Ambassador (Issue Speaker’s Bureau)

The ACSWP has a group of “Ambassador’s for Social Witness Policy.” Composed of past and present members of the Committee, task forces, or other social witness projects or studies, they are available for presentations on specific aspects of the ACSWP’s work. For more information call (800) 728-7228 x5813.

Set Up the ACSWP Display

The ACSWP has a tabletop display for use in congregation, presbytery, and synod meetings and events. It is also useful in special events such as conferences and church fairs. For more information call (800) 728-7228 x5813.

Be a Volunteer Translator

The ACSWP would like to make available more of its studies and policies in translation. If you have skills in translation and would like to contribute your services, please contact us.

Submit Your Name for a Policy Task Force

The ACSWP forms task forces, resolution teams, and work groups as it develops and interprets social witness policies. The database of diverse candidates (age, clergy/lay, geographic, racial/ethnic) with specific skills needs constant updating. If you have particular skills that may be of future use to the ACSWP in developing policy statements and resolutions, please contact us.

Feedback on the ACSWP web pages

We welcome feedback on the ACSWP Web pages to make them more useful. Please offer your comments and suggestions.