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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Worship and the Arts
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Get to know other artists and their work

Meet other liturgical artists and get to know their work. Learn about organizations and events that support and promote creative worship.

Peter and Jesus: And beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me!” Matthew 13:40

This is a painting by liturgical artist Kirsten Malcolm Berry. Here is Berry's description of the piece:

This image is one of an ongoing series drawn from the New Testament. The verse in the painting is written in Greek – a link to the original form of the text. The use of configurations of repeated shapes reflects the influence of indigenous art forms:  Southeast Asian fabrics and brass, Scandinavian woolen tapestries, Native American weaving and traditional American quilts. 

The exercise of faith is difficult for those of us who long for perceptible signs of God’s presence. I paint the images of the Bible to help me translate the abstract into the tangible. Through pictures I grasp that the Word indeed became flesh – and in resurrection power, is present in the Comforter. And is that not him behind the glimmers of new creation we see each day?   

Visit the artist's website to learn more about her work.

Connect online

Worship and the Arts Facebook Group
 This group seeks to inspire the liturgical imaginations of Presbyterians by promoting conversation, collaboration, creative work and theological reflection on worship and the arts. [Note: you must be a member of Facebook to join.]

Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM)
PAM is a national organization of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for people who are involved in the areas of worship, music and the arts. Choir directors, organists, Christian educators, clergy and lay people will find PAM to be a valuable resource for creative worship planning. PAM is not just for Presbyterians. Other denominations find our resources, conferences and publications helpful in their work for the church.

PAM sponsors three Worship and Music Conferences each summer that seek to model a high standard of worship through the promotion of worthy church music and other arts and through the sharpening and refining of the tools of worship. They provide opportunities for intensive work in many areas and stimulate the imagination through exposure to new possibilities for worship. The conferences adhere to the principles of Reformed worship and provide for the continuing development of the skills and understanding of the entire worshiping community: pastors, musicians, choir members, worship committee members, children — everyone committed to the worship of the church.

Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)
Christians in the Visual Arts exists to explore and nurture the relationship between the visual arts and the Christian faith. CIVA’s  purpose is to encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising our faith and our standard of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church and society; and ultimately to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world.

Episcopal Church & Visual Arts
The mission of Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA) is to encourage artists, individuals, congregations and scholars to engage the visual arts in the spiritual life of the church. ECVA values the significance of visual imagery in spiritual formation and the development of faith and creates programs to support those who are engaged in using the visual arts in spiritual life.

Christian Actors
Connect with directors, producers, and other actors in this network for Christian actors interested in film, television and stage drama.