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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Call to Worship
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Glory to God

This issue of Call to Worship provides a user’s guide to Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal (2013), assisting congregations as they learn to navigate the resource and use it in worship. It also features first-hand accounts and inside insights from many of those involved in the creation of this hymnal.

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In this issue

The Theological Vision that Shaped Glory to God, Edwin Chr. van Driel
The Eschatological Nature of Glory to God, Kendra Buckwalter Smith
Streams of Song in Glory to God: The Sources of the New Presbyterian Hymnal, Beverly A. Howard
PCOCS Reflection: On the Road with Glory to God, Michael Waschevski
PCOCS Reflection: Building the Hymnal as a Community, Charles Frost
The Work of Our Hands: How Can I Keep from Singing?
PCOCS Reflection: Navigating Age, Perspective, and Change, Adam J. Copeland
Introducing Glory to God to Your Congregation, Mary Margaret Flannagan
The Anatomy of a Hymnal Page, David Gambrell
Holy Silence, Holy Noise: Balancing Silence and Sound in Worship, William McConnell

Introducing Children to the New Hymnal, Dawna Duff and Gary Neal Hansen
A New Arrival, Joshua Taylor
What Twenty-First Century Worship Planning Can Be, John Vest
Art-Making to Glorify and Enjoy God, Shawna Bowman

Dedicating Glory to God [liturgy], Mary Louise Bringle
Glory to God [music], Harold M. Daniels and Hal H. Hopson
Singing in the Kingdom [sermon], Kimberly Bracken Long
Snapshots [sermon], Leah Hrachovec
Together We Serve [story], Chandler Stokes

Feasting on the Word Worship Companion, Kimberly Bracken Long, ed., Reviewed by Timothy Matthew Slemmons
Hymn Playing: A Colloquium, Stuart Forster, Reviewed by William McConnell
Leading Worship Matters, Melinda Quivik, ed., Reviewed by David Gambrell

Liturgical Art
Kelly Rider

Featured article

Read "The Theological Vision that Shaped Glory to God," by Edwin Chr. van Driel.

More PCOCS reflections

Read more first-hand reflections from members of the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song (PCOCS):
Chi-Yi Chen
Adam Copeland
Steve Fey
Charlie Frost
Mary Beth Jones
Eric Myers

Hymn festivals

Download hymn festivals using selections from Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal:
One Spirit, One Song Hymn Festival, Mary Louise Bringle
An Advent Festival on the O Antiphons, Mary Louise Bringle

Learn more

Learn more about Glory to God, and the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song.
Find product descriptions for Glory to God and other hymnal-related resources.

See a map of hymnal workshops and events in the United States.

Visit Kelly Rider's website,

Further reading

Download studies on various aspects of Glory to God from The Presbyterian Leader. Series includes:
Planning Worship with Glory to God
Musical Genres in Glory to God
Social Justice Themes in Glory to God
Preaching and Teaching from Glory to God
Decisions about Language in Glory to God
The Theology of Glory to God
Liturgy in Glory to God
Teachings on Salvation in Glory to God
Introducing Glory to God to Your Church
Challenges of Creating a New Hymnal
Why Another New Hymnal?