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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Call to Worship
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Grace and Gratitude

This issue of Call to Worship is devoted to the classic Reformed theme of grace and gratitude. The rhythm of grace and gratitude—God's gracious action and our grateful response—is the heartbeat or pulse that animates Christian faith, life, and worship. We love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19).

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In this issue

Feature Articles
Grace, B. A. Gerrish
Where Liturgy Meets Life: The Pattern of Gratitude Responding to Grace, Marney Wasserman
Grace and Gratitude: The Heartbeat of a Hymnal, Martha Moore-Keish
Grace and Gratitude: A Reformed Charism and Vision for Ministry, Charles A. Wiley
More Than Empty Boxes: God's Grace and the Shape of Gratitude, Barry Ensign-George
The Sharp Edge of Grace: Sin, Grace, and Gratitude, Barry Ensign-George and Christine Hong
Grace, Gratitude, and Forgiveness: Charles B. Hardwick
A Transforming Presence among Us, Harold M. Daniels
The Work of Our Hands: Gathered 'Round the Table, Brenda Grauer

Grace and Gratitude: Responding to the Word, Kristin Stroble
An Experiment in Gratitude, Rocky Supinger
The Stories of God for the People of God, Casey FitzGerald

Devotions on the Heidelberg Catechism [study], Office of Theology and Worship 
The Christian Year: Grace and Gratitude [liturgy], Office of Theology and Worship 
Interfaith Prayers of Grace and Gratitude [liturgy], Respectful Presence, Book of Occasional Services
"Help!" [sermon], Cynthia M. Campbell

Grace and Gratitude: The Eucharistic Theology of John Calvin, B. A. Gerrish

Liturgical Art
Kelly Rider

Featured articles

Read "Grace and Gratitude: A Reformed Charism and Vision for Ministry," by Charles A. Wiley
Read "A Transforming Presence among Us," by Harold M. Daniels

Learn more

See tributes to Harold Daniels and reflections on the Book of Common Worship from Reformed Liturgy & Music (Winter 1993) and Call to Worship (46.3).
Visit Kelly Rider's website,

Further reading

Grace and Gratitude: The Eucharistic Theology of John Calvin, B. A. Gerrish (Wipf & Stock reprint, 2002)