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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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The Holy Spirit

What difference does the Holy Spirit make in Christian life and liturgy? How does the Spirit empower and enliven our praise and prayer? Where, when, and how do we experience the Spirit’s work in worship? Theologians and practitioners will address these questions drawing on a range of Christian traditions, including Reformed, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Pentecostal perspectives. February 2012.

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In this issue

Starting with Epiclesis, Martha Moore-Keish
Holy Places, Holy Things, and the Holy Spirit, John P. Burgess
“. . . and the Holy Spirit,” Joseph D. Small
Dancing Alleluias and the Link Between, Kathryn Sparks
In Life and In Death, Emory Gillespie
Three Prayers for the Holy Spirit, Ronald P. Byars
One Spirit, Many Songs, Mary Louise Bringle
The Work of Our Hands: A Watery Easter Vigil, Jane D. Cain
An Interview with William McConnell, Jason Asbury

The Holy Spirit in Worship, Marci Auld Glass
Getting Out of the Way, Joby Bell
In the Singing: A Sermon on Ephesians 2:14–22, Barbara Wheeler

Liturgy for the Day of Pentecost from the Feasting on the Word Worship Companion
A Choral Reading of Acts 2:1–21 for Pentecost
A Litany of Prayer for Christian World Communions on the Day of Pentecost
Planning a Pentecost Arts Festival

Lucinda Naylor

Featured article

Read "Three Prayers for the Holy Spirit" by Ronald P. Byars.

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Further reading

Joseph D. Small, ed. Fire and Wind: The Holy Spirit in the Church Today (Geneva Press, 2001)