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“Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine.” — Psalm 80:19

Church Growth and Transformation
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New Beginnings


May 12, 2016


Thank you for your past and future interest in the New Beginnings tool which God has used to bring about transformation in many PC(USA) presbyteries and congregations.  Early last week we sent you an email which explained that the Presbyterian Mission Agency will no longer be able to directly provide New Beginnings.  We promised to let you know as soon as we had information about other providers for this tool. 

We are happy to announce that we have a way forward for churches interested in utilizing the New Beginnings ministry. 

Our first step is that we will continue to work directly with mid councils [and congregations] to finish our current projects.   We will be in touch with you directly in the coming weeks to confirm all of the details for these projects. 

Secondly, churches on the schedule for later in the year will be served by Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. Hope Partnership is the ecumenical organization initiated by The Disciples of Christ that gave birth to New Beginnings.  They will now be the direct supplier of the New Beginnings service to PC(U.S.A.) churches. After good conversations with Rick Morse, the developer of New Beginnings, and Ann Philbrick, Associate for Vital Congregations, we are convinced the service to our churches will be seamless. We strongly believe in Hope Partnership’s ability to provide quality and faithful service to our congregations.   

Hope Partnership’s price structure is as follows.  You’ll notice that it is cheaper than our prices in 2016.    

Hope Partnership 2016 Prices

PCUSA 2016 Prices

$3500 for clusters (minimum 2, maximum 12)

$3900 for clusters

$5500 for individual church 

$6000 for individual church

 Once the minimal numbers are reached, the hope is that the price will decrease even further.  We will update you on any price structure change.

 If you are interested in continuing to use New Beginnings or desire to use New Beginnings for the first time, please call toll free at 1-800-274-1883 and ask for New Beginnings.  They have people available during work hours each day.  

 We are in the process of finalizing the plan for the new Office for Vital Congregations, and will send an email out in the near future as these plans become solidified. 

 Thank you very much for your prayers and patience during the past week, as you have wondered what the future would hold for New Beginnings.