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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Environmental Ministries
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Environmental Ministries Resources

PC(USA) Environmental Ministries exists to equip and connect you, your church, and your presbytery for your earth care ministry. We hope these resources help do just that.

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 Click here for the pdf of the EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager on conserving energy at church or home.

Click here for environmental advocacy links.

Worship Resources

Go to the Worship page for the Worship and Eco-Justice webinar presentation and to explore traditional, good tools and find out what rich resources exist already in our church that name ways that all Creation praises God's name, and how we can give thanks to God for the wonder and beauty of the world around us.

Education Resources

Go to the Education page for the "Earth Care in Christian Education" webinar presentation (May 2014) and the "Creation Care: Basic Bible" webinar (Nov 2014) and other samples of programs, curriculum, and experiences of earth care education as well as best practices and helpful hints to "try this at (your) home (church)!" Also on this page is a list of Presbyterian works published through Westminster/John Knox Press and Thoughtful Christian.

Outreach Resources

Go to the Outreach page for helpful resources on being more "green" as your congregation is reaching out to your community and the world around us.

Facilities Resources

Go to the Facilities page to explore helpful resources for greening your congregation's facility.

Current Resources

'Tread Lightly for Lent 2016' Daily Calendar 

This daily calendar is a quick and easy way to stay mindful of all God's creation throughout the season of Lent. As we slow down, reflect, take on spiritual disciplines, and give up distractions during the season of Lent, what parts of God's creation call our attention, remind us of God, or invite us to become more deeply the people God has created us to be? In this calendar are reflection questions, readings, facts, stories, and suggested actions to draw you more deeply into relationship with God and all God's creation, as you make your way through Lent.


'Advent 2015' Daily Calendar for Caring for God's Creation

Advent 2012 Calendar

As we await the celebration of Christ’s birth this Advent Season, we give thanks that God sent Jesus Christ for the good of all the world. This daily calendar invites you to take a few moments each day for a simple action, practical change or reflection. You are invited to sing through the hymn It Came upon a Midnight Clear, to read, reflect, act, and connect with God’s good world. Peace be with you this Advent! Get a free copy of this two page (if copied back to back) resource.


Earth Day Sunday 2014 Water, Holy Water

Resource for Congregations

cover of Water, Holy Water resource for Earth Day Sunday 2014Developed ecumenically, this resource is available for congregations to observe an Earth Day Sunday on a Sunday close to Earth Day (April 22) or any Sunday throughout the year that is convenient for the church.


Alternative Transportation Sunday ("Bike there! Bus there! Rideshare!")

Resource for Congregations

This brief resource was developed as a guide for congregations who might like to host a "Bike there! Bus there! Rideshare!" Sunday, often known as an Alternative Transportation Sunday. Churches choose a day like this to lift up community, health, caring for God's creation, and personal lifestyle commitments. Saving energy and carbon emissions is a huge benefit of this event. Just as important are the fun and community-building that a congregation can have with such a day/week/month!


God’s Creation, Our Health: Taking Action Together

God's Creation - Our Health: Taking Action TogetherGod’s Creation, Our Health: Taking Action Together, a four-session study to engage older elementary children in discipleship through a virtual partnership with peers in Peru,is now available. Produced by the Office of Child Advocacy in partnership with the Office of Environmental Ministries and Jed Koball, mission co-worker and companionship facilitator for Joining Hands Against Hunger Peru, the study gives children the opportunity to explore what our faith has to say about environmental stewardship. Following the lead of CAMBIALO, a group of concerned and active young people in Peru, they will learn how to speak out about contamination of the environment and what it does to children’s health and how to take action to protect God’s creation and children’s health. Stories and video clips on Kids4Kids are an integral part of the study, and kids can also post their own ideas and comments on “Says Who? Says U! “, the website’s message board.

God’s Creation, Our Health: Taking Action Together


Download a study guide on biblical and theological Foundations for Eco-Justice

Is your church starting to explore eco-justice and earth care issues or looking for an interesting adult class topic? A new study guide, made to accompany And the Leaves of the Tree Are for the Healing of the Nations, helps your church explore biblical and theological foundations for eco-justice and caring for God’s earth.  Use the new accompanying study guide for adult classes.  Churches can choose between two study guides: one for a two hour class and one for five one-hour sessions.

Single session guide


Five-session study guide


And the Leaves of the Tree Are for the Healing of the Nations


Order free DVDs from Environmental Ministries

Environmental Ministries is offering two free DVDs about Earth Care. “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice” offers an overview of the environmental crisis and the environmental policy passed by the General Assembly in 1990. “Cherishing God’s Earth” looks at five components of environmental issues: earth, air, water, habitat and people. Study guides are available for both DVDs.

Order “Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice DVD” from the Church Store.

“Restoring Creation for Ecology and Justice” study guide


Order “Cherishing God’s Earth DVD” from the Church Store.

“Cherishing God’s Earth” study guide