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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Take action for Fair Food

What You Can Do

There are many ways that you and your congregation can contribute to this nationwide movement for fair food. 

Be Fair

Presbyterians bear witness for "fair food" outside their local grocery store.

Drop off a Manager Letter

Download a Manager’s Letter (below) and drop it off whenever you patronize Wendy’s or your local supermarket.  It’s particularly helpful to staple your receipt to the letter. If you’re meeting with a supermarket manager, wheel your cart full of groceries up to the desk while you speak with manager.  If you’re at Wendy’s, drop off the letter while you’re holding your bags or tray with your order.

Know that when you use these managers’ letters, your voice is joining the voice of thousands across the country. Feel free to add your own message to the manager’s letter. Store managers are required to pass on these kinds of communications to the corporate headquarters.   Be sure however to thank them for passing this letter on to executives.


Wendy's Restaurant Manager Letter


Publix Store Manager Letter


Kroger Store Manager Letter


General letter