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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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Student recipient spotlight

Erin Foster

Erin Foster, age 21, is a student at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tenn., and a member of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C.

Erin Foster

Erin Foster

My church is my strength. My church has provided me with such an amazing cloud of witnesses. They have helped shape me and made me the person I am today.

I love being at the lake with family and friends. It is such a wonderful time to leave all the stress of daily life behind and recognize the beauty of the world and the ones we hold dear.

I am Presbyterian because within this body of the church I feel welcomed, comforted, supported, challenged and moved. Even though I was brought up in the Presbyterian church, I have had the opportunity to explore other denominations.

I believe in calling. I believe that we each can experience it, whether in professional, personal or spiritual life.

I am passionate about service. We each have the ability to serve and to help others in our own special way with our own talents.

One thing that makes me sad is seeing so much pain and prejudice that exists in our world.

One thing that makes me happy is a great, head-back, hurts-your-stomach, belly laugh.

The person I most admire is my grandfather. In a time when he could have easily given up on his faith, family and the world, he chose to fight with unwavering strength.

I never want to stop learning. I love the fact that I learn new things daily.

I always smile. It is so easy to do and makes all those around you feel great. Even when times are bad, there is still so much to smile about!

I read constantly, switching between books that expand my mind and faith (Shane Claiborne, Donald Miller, C.S. Lewis) and books that shape my heart (William Young, Toni Morrison, Charles Martin).

The Bible is the foundation of my life. I do not read it as much as I should.

God is my everything. I don’t think I really knew the power of having a relationship with him, until I started keeping a prayer journal. I talk with him each night about worries and concerns, prayers, dreams and fun things that are occurring in my life.

Reprinted with permission from Presbyterians Today magazine.