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“Are you able to drink the cup that I drink?” —Mark 10:38

Multicultural Congregational Support
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The Racial Ethnic Torch

Summer 2014 
In this issue, you will meet Racial Ethnic leaders who are transforming the church even as they are themselves being transformed. You will learn about significant issues and initiatives that relate to racial ethnic congregations and interest groups, exciting new additions to our ministry staff, and General Assembly events. Read online or download here.

Guide to Essential Resources for Multicultural Congregations

As part of our office’s mission to identify and provide resources meaningful to the growing diversity in the church we have prepared a list of suggested resources, which is available for download.



The unified model of a multicultural church

A multicultural church is a congregation/ministry that intentionally recognizes, celebrates and incorporates a diverse membership in:

  • Worship by using different languages, arts, spiritual practices and theological expressions.
  • Power Sharing with equal representation on sessions, church boards and executive positions.
  • Evangelism by providing the Good News in a cup that people recognize with great respect and appreciation for their racial and cultural backgrounds. (The office of Evangelism and Racial/Cultural Diversity)

    The Multicultural Church Directory

    A multicultural congregation or ministry is one that intentionally recognizes, celebrates and incorporates the gifts of a diverse membership:

    • In worship (utilizing languages, art and diverse theological expressions).
    • In leadership and ministry (power sharing in session, church committees and decision-making processes).
    • In evangelism (providing the good news in a cup that people recognize with great appreciation and sensitivity to their cultural and traditional backgrounds).


    • Bicultural congregations.
    • Congregations with one cultural majority and significant influence from other cultures.
    • Congregations with no one cultural majority.
    • Nesting churches that provide homes for congregations of different cultures.
    • New churches beginning as multicultural congregations.
    • Churches being redeveloped in changing neighborhoods.

Download the Directory

If your church engages in any of the above ministries, we would love to hear from you. Please help us tell your story as we work to locate the vital multicultural congregations in the PC(USA).

  • Email Sterling Morse with the following information:

    • Your church or organization name
    • PC(USA) PIN
    • Synod
    • Presbytery
    • Address, city, state, zip
    • Phone and fax
    • Church e-mail and Web address
    • Pastor’s Name(s)
    • Number of members (including long-time visitors)
    • Percentage of congregation membership of a racial/ethnic/cultural constituency other than the dominant racial/cultural group
    • What Racial/Ethnic/Cultural groups are represented in your congregation?
    • Any addition comments or questions

      Leadership development resources


      This DVD tells the story of four vital Presbyterian multicultural congregations along with several interviews with pastors and practitioners on “what and how to” become a multicultural church. In English, Korean and Spanish.


      The DVDs of the 2008 National Multicultural Conference are now available. There are eight DVDs, containing the following sessions:

      1. Opening Celebration, Worship and Praise with the Rev. James Hickson Lee, April 10, 2008 
      2. Panel Discussion: “Stories, Models and Elements of Multicultural Ministry,” April 10, 2008 
      3. Worship and Praise with the Rev. James Kim, April 11, 2008 
      4. Panel Discussion: “The State of the Multicultural Church,” April 11, 2008 
      5. Worship and Praise with the Rev. Cyprian Kimathi Guchienda, April 12, 2008 
      6. Keynote: “Unbinding the Gospel” with the Rev. Martha Grace Reese, April 12, 2008 
      7. Multicultural Celebration (Part One), April 12, 2008 
      8. Multicultural Celebration (Part Two), April 12, 2008

      We are asking for a minimum contribution of $5 for each DVD. Your contributions will help us in the production of new educational resources for congregations.

      To order the Video and DVDs, contact Sterling Morse.