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Public Education
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Programs to mentor children

In communities today, 14.3 million children take care of themselves after the school day ends, including almost four million middle school students in grades six to eight. Just 6.5 million children are in afterschool programs - but the parents of another 15.3 million children say their children would participate in afterschool - if a program were available.

Freedom Schools

The Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program partnership is between the Children's Defense Fund and local community organizations, churches, universities, and schools to provide literacy-rich summer programs. Serving children ages 5 to 18 for five to eight weeks and staffed by college-age Interns, the CDF Freedom Schools program integrates reading, conflict resolution and social action in an activity-based curriculum that promotes social, cultural, and historical awareness. In summer 2005, the CDF Freedom Schools program will operate at more than 70 sites in over 20 states and 40 cities. Approximately 5,500 children will be served with 650 college-age youth participating as Servant Leader Interns. Read more about Freedom Schools.


MENTOR is a trusted voice for the power of mentoring. The organization works to ensure that every child who wants and needs a mentor has the right one. Find out more about MENTOR.

Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and advocating for quality, affordable programs for all children. It is supported by a group of public, private and nonprofit organizations that share the Alliance's vision of ensuring that all children have access to afterschool programs by 2010.