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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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All purchases for goods or services must have a purchase order or contract agreement before any goods or services are received. The purchase order/contract number should be referenced on correspondence, invoices, shipping documents and packages. All purchase orders are subject to the terms and conditions written on the back of the purchase order.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) requires our vendors to complete vendor forms. The completed forms should be sent to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Purchasing Department at 100 Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY 40202 or faxed to (502) 569-8035. 

All changes after issuance of purchase order and/or contract agreement should be discussed before services are started or goods are received.

Printers, Designers, Graphic Artists

Information on jobs that are being considered for a new design and printing.

  1. A purchase order or contract agreement must be issued to a supplier prior to starting any job. This will ensure all approval processes are in place.

  2. Designers/graphic artists who wish to work in a team environment to collaborate with the client and a printer must work with Purchasing Services in choosing the printer.

  3. It is the responsibility of PC(USA) Purchasing Services to obtain all quotes for printing. Designers/graphic artists should not submit requests for quotations on behalf of PC(USA). Designers/graphic artists should give all information, specifications, etc. in writing to Purchasing Services. Purchasing Services will obtain the quotes.

  4. It is the responsibility of the designers/graphic artists to ensure all design pieces are within specifications of the desired job. Direct mail pieces must follow design specifications set by postal standards for non-profit organizations. Consult with the PC(USA) Mail Center to ensure these specifications are met.

  5. Designers/graphic artists should become familiar with the graphic standards of PC(USA) and follow these standards on all design and layout projects.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above you may contact the PC(USA) Purchasing Department for assistance.


All invoices for goods and services should be covered by a purchase order or contract agreement. The purchase order number must appear on the invoice or a copy of the contract attached.

Invoices will only be paid upon completion of the service or receipt of the goods. To expedite payment it is recommended proof of delivery be attached to the invoice.

Invoices should match the pricing information on the purchase order. Any discrepancy will result in a delay in payment.

Accounts Payable will only pay the amount indicated on the purchase order or contract.

Invoices should be submitted to:

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Accounts Payable, 6th floor
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202-1396

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt. If you need a tax exemption certificate on file, please contact the Purchasing Department.

Terms and Conditions of PC(USA) Purchase