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“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?” — Job 38:4

Explore new ideas

What’s new in theology and worship? Find inspiration for ministry and resources for discipleship.

A Pastoral Rule offers pastoral leaders guidelines and practices for sustaining faithful ministry, focusing on three areas: personal disciplines, personal conduct, and structures of mutual accountability.

Academies for Missional Preaching challenge pastors to rethink the theology and practice of preaching in a missional context.

Communities of Theological Friendship are small groups of pastoral leaders who commit to study, pray, and think theologically together. Grants and other resources are available.

Invitation to the Word calls Presbyterians to a renewed encounter with Jesus Christ, the living Word, through Scripture. At the heart of the initiative are five simple practices: read, pray, study, remember, and live.

Science and Faith—find resources to study, understand, discuss, and act on the implications of science and technology as they affect the theology, worship, practice, and moral actions of the church.

The Catechumenate is an ancient and emerging way of welcoming new Christians and shaping believers as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.