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“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.” — 1 Corinthians 12:4

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What do Presbyterians Believe about infant baptism?

Infant baptism — it's all about grace

By Tom Walker

Reprinted from the March 2006 issue of Presbyterians Today

The overstuffed shoebox lay long forgotten in the back of a closet in my mother's apartment, I ran across it while looking for something else. When I opened the shoebox, out poured more than I ever could have imagined.

Inside were letters recording four years of correspondence (1958–62) between my parents and the North Carolina Children's Home Society, an adoption agency. The letters ended in February 1962—the month of my birth and my adoption. Four years of expectation and hassle, of yearning and hard work, of dutiful preparation and burgeoning excitement—all documented in that little shoebox.

Four years before I was even born, my parents were hard at work preparing a place for me. Even before I received my name, before I was baptized in our small Presbyterian church, before I could respond with the words "I love you," my parents cared for me. In that shoebox was a history of love and grace that preceded any action on my part.

God's 'shoeboxes'
This discovery has given me an image to share with parents in the congregation where I am pastor, as we journey together toward the baptism of their children. Baptism is the church's celebration of the fact that God has "shoeboxes" for all of God's adopted children, meaning all of us. In infant baptism we visibly proclaim the central tenet of our Reformed faith: God's grace towards humanity.

When we baptize an infant we testify that God's grace acts on our behalf before we are capable of responding.      



  • Baptism is a burial(Rom.6:4,Col.2:12)in water(Acts 8:36,10:47)only for those who have the gospel of Christ preached unto them(Mark 16:15-16,Acts 8:12)for(eis,in order to obtain) the remission of sins(Acts 2:38),to be forgiven of all trespasses(Col.2:11-13),to have one's sins washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ(Acts 22:16,Rev.1:5),to get into Christ death(Rom.6:3)where His blood was shed(John 19:34), to save us(1Pet.3:21), to get into Christ one body (1Cor.12:13)which is His one church(Eph.1:22-23,Col.1:18,24).Baptism is the last commandment to the lost,alienated sinner After having Heard and Believed the Gospel of the DB&R of Christ from the dead(Acts18:8,15:7),then Repenting of past sins(Acts2:38,16:33,9:6),then Confess The Lord Jesus Christ(Acts 8:37,Rom.10:9-10).After the sinner has obeyed all these commandments from God then he/she is according to the holy scriptures a Christian(Acts 11:26,26:28,1Pet.4:16), a member of the one body/church of Christ(Mt.16:18,Acts2:47,Eph.4:4)which is described in scripture as the churches of Christ(Rom.16:16),the church of God(Acts20:28),the kingdom of His(God the Father's)dear Son,the house of God (1Tim3:15) by Mark on 03/25/2014 at 11:19 a.m.