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“And he told them many things in parables…” — Matthew 13:3

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A Season of Strengthening Disciples

How to access Opening Doors to Discipleship:

1. Visit Explore the purpose and goals, learn more about all four courses, and find suggestions about how to use the site.

2. Click on the orange “Register” icon and follow the instructions. Enter your denominational login number. This number can be obtained through your presbytery education or resource staff, a POINT member, or by contacting your denominational representative Candace Hill, at (800) 727-7228, x5166.(The denominational login number protects your personal information from those who phish through the Web. You can give the login number to any PC(USA) member. If you have friends in your study group from other denominations, please ask them to contact us to receive their own login number or access information.)

3. After completing registration, use the e-mail address and the personal password that you selected to log in.

4. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Christian Educator’s Certification Council has adopted Opening Doors to Discipleship courses as the curriculum for the Enrolled Educational Assistant certification level. Using the site for this purpose may require a set time frame for course completion and review. If you are enrolled in the certification process, speak with your certification adviser for guidance.

Lazy days of summer bring the possibility for a change in pace or new adventures. Plan a season of strengthening disciples—yourself or a group of friends. Begin your summer of faith-filled reflection and meaningful study using the free online resource Opening Doors to Discipleship, Course D: Discipleship.

The goals of Course D: Discipleship are:

  • To help disciples develop a relationship with Jesus Christ;
  • To practice Christian disciplines that nurture and strengthen faith;
  • To come to a richer understanding of discipleship within a community of disciples, the church.

Three concepts organize the course’s overall discipleship goals: calling, growing, and living. Many manifestations and facets of discipleship are explored throughout the course:

  • Deep hunger to know God;
  • Simplicity and integrity of life;
  • Faithfulness in relationships and community;
  • God-given gifts;
  • Generosity;
  • Abundant living;
  • The search for justice;
  • The desire to nurture other disciples.

Participants in Course D: Discipleship are encouraged to record thoughts and notes from the courses in a discipleship journal.

While it is not necessary to complete the course with others, it will be a richer experience if you form a discipleship peer group.

  • Who can you gather to share this experience?
  • How will you and the group members complement each other’s different faith and life experiences?
  • What might the group members learn from one another along the way?

When working with a group, encourage each person to register to work independently at times and to be prepared to share your insights when you gather.

Consider a life of balance this summer, a less frantic season with purposeful, joyful learning and living.

Tell Me More: Candace C. Hill is the coordinator of Educational Ministries, Congregational Ministries Publishing, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).