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Financial Aid
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Undergraduate/graduate loan programs
Undergraduate and graduate students attending a college/university may receive a loan with no interest accruing while the student is enrolled full-time in a degree program.

Parent Loans
Loans will be awarded to parents or guardians of students in order to meet the family contribution for a student's educational expenses.

Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance
Loan repayment assistance for pastors of small PC(USA) congregations and emerging worshiping communities engaged in a part-time and/or temporary pastoral position. (Formerly, Theological Student Loan/Loan Forgiveness Program)

Agnes and Dorothy Marschner Grant
Provides up to $35,000 annually to up to two Presbyterian women per year serving as practicing physicians in the mission field.

Managing Educational Debt; Overview of Student Loan Debt Management for Candidates and Pastors


PCUSA Educational Loan Policy


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