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“For freedom Christ has set us free.” — Galatians 5:1

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Broadening boundaries: Members of WACC Southern Cone and Brazil discuss communication as a right
Gathered in Buenos Aires February 21-23, the Sub-Regional Workshop of the World Association for Christian Communication – Latin America (WACC - AL), comprising the Southern Cone and Brazil, discussed the theme: “More rights, less gaps: broadening boundaries for the democratization of communication,” according to the project approved by WACC to be implemented in Latin America.—Latin America and Caribbean Communication Agency (ALC)  

Katie Griffin writes about the bittersweet mixture of sadness for the passing of José Míguez Bonino and thanksgiving for his life and faithfulness

Dennis Smith writes about the Waldensian Church in Argentina


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) supports the Christian witness in Argentina through our partner churches and with mission personnel working alongside our partners. With great diversity among Protestant believers in the region, finding ways to work cooperatively is both a challenge and a rewarding success for our partnership. The PC(USA) supports and encourages local and regional bodies as they find that they can do more and as they develop ways to come together. Our partners in Argentina, and in other countries in the region, place high priority on theological education, human rights advocacy and regional cooperation.

Read a brief history of Argentina.

Partner churches

Waldensian Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata
The PC(USA) works with the Waldensian Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata. In 1856 Italian settlers founded the Waldensian Evangelical Church in Argentina and Uruguay. Originating in southern France in the 12th century, the Waldensians have a strong tradition of holding to a moral compass against the tide of their times. Although the membership is small, the Waldensian Church makes significant contributions to ecumenical efforts in service to the elderly and disabled, abandoned children, evangelism and advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples. (See the profile of Uruguay for more information.)

Association of the Church of God (ALIDD)
As an independent and autochthonous Pentecostal denomination, ALIDD is one of the founding members of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI). ALIDD is also a member of Argentina’s Federation of Evangelical Churches, which is an organization of Protestant churches in the country that emphasizes working with poor churches, human rights advocacy and social justice. Lay theological education and work with at-risk children are ministries of ALIDD in which the PC(USA) has  collaborated.

Reformed Churches in Argentina (IRA)
The IRA, a church that has been formed by the descendents of Dutch, Afrikaner, French and Swiss French Reformed immigrants to Argentina, has recently become a partner church with the PC(USA). The IRA will soon unite with the Evangelical Church of the Plata River (IERP), which is a denomination founded by German-speaking protestant immigrants who arrived in the Plata River region (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) starting in the mid-19th century. Both the IRA and the IERP are denominations that have become actively engaged in human rights and minority rights ministries.

Partner organizations

University Institute ISEDET
Formerly known as the Higher Evangelical Institute for Theological Education, or ISEDET, the University Institute ISEDET officially received accreditation from the Argentinean government in October 2001. The University Institute ISEDET is a multidenominational seminary in Buenos Aires and is one of the most important Spanish-speaking institutes for theological education in the world. It is the only Protestant institute for theological education in Spanish-speaking America that offers a doctoral degree in theology. Besides its residency program, University Institute ISEDET has a strong “education at a distance” program called EDUCAB through which 11 members of the Toba nation have received bachelor’s degrees in theology — the first of their people to do so.

Alliance of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches of Latin America (AIPRAL)
This regional grouping of Presbyterian and Reformed churches maintains a small office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The PC(USA) has longed worked with AIPRAL throughout the region to encourage sharing of discipleship and study resources within the Reformed family of churches.

World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)

Regional Ecumenical Center for Consultation and Service, CREAS
CREAS is an interdisciplinary network of Christian professionals seeking to strengthen the capacity of the ecumenical movement, churches and social organizations in South America, in the promotion of human rights—civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental, through joint actions, advice, communication and training.

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