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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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Presbyterian missionaries are teachers, church planters, doctors, public health specialists, chaplains and human rights advocates. They teach theology, church history, Greek, Hebrew and English. They preach and evangelize. They organize and host mission teams from the United States. They accompany, they listen, they work in partnership with the Body of Christ in 71 countries.

All long-term Presbyterian missionaries are listed except those who prefer not to be listed for personal reasons and those serving in sensitive areas of the world.

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Adams, James and Nancy    Germany

Adams, Mark and Miriam Maldonado Escobar    Mexico/U.S. Border

Adeney-Risakotta, Bernard and Farsijana    Indonesia

Armstrong, Sara and Rusty Edmondson    Peru

Ayoub, Nadia    Ukraine

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Baker, Doug and Elaine    Northern Ireland

Bennett, Marta    Kenya

Bent, Jenny and Hare, Mark   Dominican Republic/Haiti

Blane, Debbie    South Sudan

Boyd, Jeff and Christi    Congo

Brown, Ruth    Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bryant, Sharon    Thailand

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Cardenas, Carlos    Nicaragua

Carhuachín, Rev. César    Colombia

Carriker, Tim and Marta    Brazil

Chan, Judy    China

Chan, Omar and Amanda Craft   Mexico

Chang, Cathy and Juan Lopez     Philippines

Choi, Don and Sook    Indonesia

Collins, Nancy    East Central Africa

Cook, Elisabeth    Costa Rica

Corell, Cindy    Haiti

Cortes-Fuentes, David and Josey Saez-Acevedo      Cuba

Craft, Amanda and Omar Chan    Guatemala and Mexico

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Dawson, Barry and Shelly   Thailand

Day, Kay   Rwanda

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Edmondson, Rusty and Sara Armstrong    Peru

Ellington, Dustin and Sherri    Zambia

Escobar, Miriam Maldonado and Mark Adams    Mexico/U.S. Border

Esslinger, Kurt  and Hyeyoung Lee     South Korea

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Fletcher, John and Gwenda    Democratic Republic of the Congo

Fujii, Leith and Carol    Thailand

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Galetzka, Amy Davisson    Thaliand

Garbat-Welch, Jeremy and Luta    Malawi

Gartrell, Gordon and Dorothy     Brazil

Goetz, Thomas    Japan

Goodrum, Farris and Thelma    Brazil

Griffin, Kathleen    Argentina

Guyer, Janet    Malawi

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Harcourt, Brenda    Kenya

Hare, Mark and Bent, Jenny   Haiti/Dominican Republic

Harvey, Thomas and Judith    England

Haspels, John and Gwen    Ethiopia

Heckler, Jan    Madagascar

Heikkila, Josh    West Africa

Henken, Sarah    Andean Region

Hinderliter, Eric and Becky    Lithuania

Holm, Rochelle and Tyler    Malawi

Holman, Jo Ella    Caribbean

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Johnson, Charles and Melissa    Zambia

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Kandel, Sharon and Lynn    South Sudan

King-Ortega, Tracey    Central America

Koball, Jed and Jenny   Peru

Koll, Karla Ann    Costa Rica

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Laferty, Matthew    Russia

Lee, Hyeyoung and Kurt Esslinger     South Korea

Lim, Choon and Yen Hee    East Asia

Lopez, Juan and Cathy Chang     Philippines

Ludwig, Michael and Rachel    Niger

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Maldonado Escobar, Miriam and Mark Adams    Mexico/U.S. Border

Makari, Victor and Sarah   Israel-Palestine

Matheny, Paul and Mary Nebelsick    Philippines

McCall, John    Taiwan

McGaughey, Nancy    South Sudan

McGill, James and Jodi    Malawi

Moore, Bill and Ann    Japan

Morgan, Les and Cynthia    Bangladesh

Moritz, Karen    Czech Republic

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Nagy, Barbara    Malawi

Nebelsick, Mary and Paul Matheny    Philippines

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Paetzold, Burkhard    Germany

Palm, Cobbie and Dessa    Philippines

Parker, Elmarie and Scott     Lebanon

Parker, Michael     Egypt

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Reneau, Ingrid    Ghana

Rice, Bob and Kristi    Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Sadaghiani, Azizollah    Germany

Saez-Acevedo, Josey and David Cortes-Fuentes      Cuba

Seitz, Emily and Jonathan    Taiwan

Sepehri, Sadegh    Germany

Smith, Alan and Ellen    Germany/Russia

Smith, Dennis and Maribel    South America/Southern Cone

Smith-Mather, Shelvis and Nancy    South Sudan

Sommers, Martha    Democratic Republic of the Congo

Stelle, Stephen and Brenda    Ethiopia

Sthreshley, Larry and Inge    Democratic Republic of the Congo

Stock, Chenoa    Bolivia

Sundberg, Renee and Justin    Nicaragua

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Taber, Kate     Israel-Palestine

Thompson-Royer, Brian and Sandi    Guatemala

Tilton, Doug    Southern Africa

Turk, Dan and Elizabeth    Madagascar

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Van Brocklin, Gary and Marlene     Sri Lanka

Van Nostran, Kristi    El Salvador

Vogel, Leslie    Guatemala

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Wagstaff, Leisa    South Sudan

Wakeman, Esther    Thailand

Welch, Richard and Debbie    Guatemala

Weller, Michael and Rachel    Ethiopia

Wheeler, Tim and Gloria    Honduras

White, Ryan and Alethia    Germany

Wright, Ashley and Mark    Honduras

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Yang, Myoung Ho and Ji Yeon Yoo    China

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Zuhosky, Claire    Niger