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map of Mauritius


Mission worker: Doug Tilton, regional liaison for Southern Africa


The Dutch first colonized this tropical island country, 560 miles off the coast of Madagascar, in the 17th century.  Periods of French and British administration followed.  The island gained independence in 1968.  Mauritius’ economy, long based on sugar cane production, is becoming increasingly diversified, with financial services, tourism, textile production and information technology emerging as economically important sectors.

The PC(USA)’s partner church, the Presbyterian Church of Mauritius, was begun by the British Presbyterians (CWM, the Council of World Missions). It has five congregations, one English-speaking and four French-speaking, with about 1,000 members. The PC(USA) has helped facilitate, with financial and logistical aid, the Madagascar church’s sending personnel to minister to the immigrant Malagasy community in Mauritius.

Mauritius Partner Church

Presbyterian Church of Mauritius

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