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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42


Get to know your seminary students

Seminary students come in all shapes and sizes

The 3,800 students who attend your PC(USA) seminaries are very diverse. While some are fresh out of college, ministry is a second or subsequent career for others. These women and men of faith come from varying socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, and from urban, rural, small town and suburban settings. In short, they reflect the diverse nature of the Presbyterian church.

Students live in Christian community

A seminary education is as much about spiritual formation as it is book learning. Time and time again, students say that living in Christian community is what seminary is all about. They grow as leaders by discussing their beliefs and questions with other students and faculty. Books, lectures, online discussions, paper-writing and classroom presentations are certainly important, but face-to-face mentoring and friendships are essential. As one student says, “My peers have helped prepare me for ministry and challenged me to learn and live more faithfully into my call.”

Meet some seminary students

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Our Presbyterian Seminaries: Education, Leadership, Support.



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Seminary students rely on financial aid

Seminary students cannot be expected to pay the full cost of a seminary education. It costs your Presbyterian seminaries an average $109,000 to educate a Master of Divinity student for three years. To pay their way, students rely on financial gifts from their congregation and presbytery. Many also depend on seminary scholarships or work/study programs, and some finance their education with their own personal savings. The seminaries also work with students to help them graduate with as little debt as possible.

Seminaries at a Glance brochure

Our Presbyterian Seminaries at a Glance

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More information for current and prospective students

Continue your education through seminary programs

Seminaries related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) offer a rich array of continuing education options for those who seek to be theologically informed for life as Christ's disciples in today's complex world.