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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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Company of New Pastors Orientation
The Company of New Pastors

Pastoral formation begins while still in seminary. Life-long habits developed and nurtured during seminary and through the first years of pastoral ministry can nurture good and faithful ministry across a lifetime. Company of New Pastors works to develop and maintain spiritual vitality, theological depth, personal integrity and social wisdom in new pastors. In community with ministerial colleagues under the guidance of wise mentors, these qualities can grow and flourish.

Through daily prayer, daily scripture reading and regular theological reflection, Company of New Pastors helps establish and nurture habits of theological reflection and spiritual formation that supply the energy and wisdom necessary to sustain a lifetime of pastoral leadership.

The objectives of Company of New Pastors are simple: to encourage new pastoral leaders (and their mentors) to engage in daily prayer, daily scripture reading and regular and ordered theological reflection in community with others.

The basis of the program is mentored peer covenant groups.  Groups are mentored by experienced faculty and pastors who bring to the program a wealth of pastoral knowledge and wisdom.

The Covenant

The Company of Pastors resourcesprogram covenant is a rhythm of sustained study and disciplined prayer, in the regular company of colleagues. 

Participants in the Company of New Pastors covenant to meet together for study and corporate prayer. Between meetings they practice daily disciplines of Bible reading, prayer and study of the church’s confessional resources. Drawing on the covenant of the Company of Pastors, there are a variety of resources for daily readings, including the Daily Lectionary (BCW 2-year cycle), the Psalms (including an 8-week Psalm cycle), The Book of Confessions (including selections from the Book of Order and the Study Catechism) and the Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study.

For more information on how you can participate in Company of New Pastors, become a pastor mentor, or support the program, contact Rev. Karen Russell,, (502) 569-5401.


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