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“God has gone up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a trumpet.” — Psalm 47:5

Prepare for Spiritual Renewal | Hold a solemn assembly | Follow up

A call to seek God for spiritual renewal of the church

Bible in the foreground, group of people holding hands in a circle and praying in the background.

A group gathers in prayer. Photo by David Gambrell

The 2008 General Assembly passed the following overture calling the church to seek the Lord in special times of prayer and worship known as solemn or sacred assemblies:

Realizing that worship is our response to God’s love for us and that we pray for God to “put a new and right spirit within [us]” (Ps. 51:10), we invite each congregation and presbytery of the PC(USA) to gather in times each sets aside for spiritual renewal through intentional gatherings such as spiritual assemblies, which may include personal and community worship, meditation, confession, forgiveness, fasting, and prayer. Recognizing the biblical value of solemn assemblies for spiritual renewal, we request the Office of Theology and Worship to make available materials to include rich varieties of worship, Bible study, prayer, Christian meditation, and other spiritual disciplines.

Find answers to your questions about solemn assemblies

Many Presbyterians have never heard of a solemn assembly. What is a solemn assembly and how do you go about it? The response to these and other questions can be found among these frequently asked questions.

Learn how to take part in a solemn assembly

Use the resources on this Web site as you prepare for spiritual renewal, as you hold a spiritual renewal service or solemn assembly and as you follow up after the special service.