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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Help for presbyteries and synods

To help presbyteries and synods better understand the needs of congregations in their area we offer the following resources and services.


Research Services provides free online demographic information for the people living in the area around an individual congregation or in a larger community area based on U.S. Census data. This service will give you information on annual population growth, percentage of households with children, adult age distribution, housing types, education level of adults, household income and other important characteristics of people in the community.

2002-2012 Presbytery Ten-Year Trend Report

The Ten-Year Trend Report provides data compiled from the Session Annual Statistical Report for all congregations in the presbytery for 2002-2012. The report presents graphs of key trends. Tables show, for each year:

  • The number of congregations
  • Average membership and worship attendance
  • Percentages of congregations in racial-ethnic categories
  • Number of churches organized, merged, and dissolved
  • Contributions and expenditures by type
  • Ranking of churches by total receipts, mission giving, and per member giving
  • Baptisms and deaths per 100 confirmed members
  • Number of teaching elders (ministers) by race/ethnicity and gender. 

Presbytery Ten-Year Trend Reports are available for free on the Web.

Map of churches in the presbytery

A color map showing presbytery boundaries and all individual churches in the presbytery or other specified area is also available. The cost for a PDF map begins at $125; a wall map starts at $225.  For more information or to order call us at (800) 728-7228, x2040 or send an email.

Program and Staff Evaluation

Research Services is available to assist presbytery and synods in conducting staff and program evaluation. We do not charge to help a presbytery or synod develop its own evaluation process or to comment on instruments already developed. If Research Services helps to conduct the evaluation, there will be a fee.

Research Services' role in the program or staff evaluation can be as large or small as the entity desires. The cost depends on the involvement of Research Services staff.

To order or for information about conducting presbytery or synod research, call toll-free (800) 728-7228, x2040 or send email to: Research Services


Research Services can provide assistance to presbytery or synod leaders interested in conducting a presbytery-wide or synod-wide self-assessment or in evaluating the programs, services, or structure of the presbytery or synod. Custom-designed surveys can help your presbytery or synod evaluate where you are and where you should be going. They can provide information about the strengths and priorities of presbytery or synod roles and programs, congregational priorities and tools for strategic planning.

Several types of surveys can be conducted. The U.S. Congregation Life Survey, for example, is an in-worship survey that can be used to help the presbytery's congregations identify their strengths and plan for the future. Surveys of pastors in the presbytery or of constituents who use the presbytery's services can be used to evaluate presbytery programs. Surveys for other needs can be developed in consultation with presbytery or synod leaders.

Research Services will analyze the survey responses and provide a comprehensive, written report summarizing survey results. For information about costs (which vary depending on length of survey and methods of duplication, distribution, and collection of completed surveys), contact Research Services by email or call (800) 728-7228, x2040.

Presbytery or Synod Surveys: Cost varies.

Comparative Statistics

The Comparative Statistics report is published annually in the fall and summarizes data on membership and ministers provided by each congregation to the Office of the General Assembly via the Session Annual Statistical Report. It also presents financial data from Mission Support Services office and the Session Annual Statistical Report. Many of the tables in this report provide information by synod and presbytery.

Visit Resources to download recent Comparative Statistics reports.

Ordering Information

To order any of the resources you can email us. For information about conducting presbytery or synod research, call toll-free (800) 728-7228, x2040, or send email to Deb Worland.