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“He learned obedience through what he suffered.” —Heb. 5:8

Help for Congregations

To help congregational leaders understand more about their church and its needs, we developed the Church Home Improvement Toolbox. The toolbox offers a variety of "do-it-yourself" research strategies for positive church improvement. These tools are particularly helpful if your congregation is conducting a mission study, preparing to call a new pastor or working on a long-range plan.You wouldn't try to build a new home using just an electric drill – why work on congregational improvement without a full set of tools?

  1. Ten-Year Trends in Your Congregation: Statistical summary based on the Session Annual Statistical Reports submitted to the Office of the General Assembly. See how things have been changing in your congregation. NOTE: Congregational and presbytery data for 2014 is not on the website due to technical difficulties. Please contact and we will be happy to share that data with you. We hope to have this up and running again in 2016 with 2015 data.
  2. Demographic Report: Learn about the people who live in the community around your church. The Demographic Report can help your congregation identify mission and outreach possibilities.
  3. Congregational Surveys: A survey can give your congregation a picture of who worships there (including age and marital status of members, average length of church membership, etc.), information about the strengths and priorities of church programs, and tools for strategic planning. Use a congregational survey to identify and build on your congregation's unique strengths.
  4. Research Strategies for Congregations: A packet of easy information gathering tools designed to help you learn more about your worshipers and your local community.
  5. RCMS data (Religious Congregations & Membership Study): Details about the number and types of congregations and their members in every state, county, and metro area in the United States. Learn more about the religious landscape where your church is located.

Ordering Information

To order any of the resources or for information about conducting Church Home Improvement Projects, call (800) 728-7228, x2040 or send us an email.



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  • What does the church outcome when it does not abide by the Bible instruction for gay marriage? by Freda Nader on 06/23/2012 at 12:43 p.m.

  • Walter: Use this link to learn about and access free demographic information about the area around your congregation: Other tools are available here: by Deborah Bruce on 08/18/2010 at 12:00 p.m.

  • Interested in demographic sources by Walter Lee on 08/18/2010 at 11:50 a.m.