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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Educational Ministries
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Learning through the years

Common stories, spiritual practices and faith experiences help define church communities. The most frequently asked questions from pastors and educators seeking to grow disciples are these:

  •  Which stories, experiences and practices should we provide in our setting?
  •  By what age are children, youth and adults ready to hear, remember and apply these teachings?

Faith communities are encouraged to develop a process for establishing goals for lifelong learning. Keep in mind that people experience and grow best at their own rate and in their own context.

Denominational curricula provides a foundation in Reformed theology and biblical literacy through age-appropriate lessons and activities. Curricula from the denomination supports formative goals for faith development.

Search Institute offers wonderful articles and tips for parents to nurture children's spirituality. 

Children Among Us, edited by Cassandra Williams and Elaine Barnett, offers guidelines for using the Bible with children and other information for developing healthy ministries with children in congregations.

Using the Bible with Children, Youth, and Adults