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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Educational Ministries
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Connect with people

Members and friends of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) consider "the connectional nature of the church" one of our best assets. Sisters and brothers in faith come together face-to-face and now through social networks, email and the Internet. Members and seekers discover places where people, ideas and actions intersect with faith. Come and join us.

Association of Presbyterian Church Educators is a "professional association concerned with the advancement of education in the church.” Volunteers, students and retirees are welcome and benefit from membership.

PC(USA) Ministries with Youth provides connections with young people, resources, training and support for the educational ministries of congregations.

Opening Doors to Discipleship is a free online leader, teacher, and new member training with four courses in English and two courses available in Spanish and Korean.

Presbyterian Association of Resource Centers is an organization dedicated to the advocacy, support, and encouragement of Presbyterian resource centers. Visit their website for useful links, documents and membership information.

Presbyterians Organized in Nurture and Teaching (POINT) is a network of presbytery-appointed volunteers who offer Christian education support and expertise to congregations, helping them meet the challenge of nurturing disciples.

Presbyterian Youth Workers' Association connects, upholds and inspires youth workers to faithfully serve the triune God with young people.

Discipleship is intentionally helping one another to recognize God's grace and to walk in the Way of Christ with gratitude. Find out more about the intentional, formational, educational, and missional ministries of the church. 

CCblogs, thinking critically, living faithfully, sponsored by The Christian Century, is one example of the many sites available to exchange ideas and wrestle with faith questions.

PC(USA) blogs

Join the conversation with Presbyterian bloggers.

A Year of Service . . . For a Lifetime of Change
Information from the Young Adult Volunteer mission and ministry of the church.

Comings and Goings
A travel blog by Theology, Worship and Education Director, Charles B. "Chip" Hardwick.

Daily Offerings
Growing our Offerings to Grow Christ's Witness.

Learning, sharing, advocating with the PC(USA) Environmental Ministries.

Food and Faith
Meditations on food and hunger issues by Andrew Kang-Bartlett.

Surprised by Delight
Theological education and formation in the key of joy.

Swords Into Plowshares
Reflections from the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.

Click here for a complete list of PC(USA) blogs.

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Are you longing for conversations about faith, spirituality and educational ministries? There are a number of Facebook groups that may be of interest to you. Join the dialogue on Facebook, the place to brainstorm, network and share! Note that you must be a member of Facebook to participate.

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