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“For freedom Christ has set us free.” — Galatians 5:1

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Partner with Presbyterian World Mission in Ghana: download this pdf and share with your congregation or worshiping community

Find mission workers in Ghana


June 4, 2015.  Accra was hit by a very serious storm which caused significant flooding. A fire at a gas station near Kwame Nkrumah Circle exploded, killing more than 100 people.  Later reports indicate that 150 people died, mostly from the fire. Story and photos.

The third Tumekutana (Swahili for “We have come together”) conference that had been postponed due to concerns associated with the spread of Ebola in West Africa, was rescheduled for September 17 - 25, 2015, in Accra, Ghana — the 2015 Theme: "Freedom in Christ: From Slavery to Empowerment." Women leaders from PC(USA) partner churches in 22 African nations were invited. Conference costs are an average of $1,750 per participant. Each delegate is expected to contribute $400 toward these expenses, although most are not able to do so. Contributions can be made to E052036.

Update: Janet Guyer writes: This was an opportunity for about 70 women from 21 countries to come together to learn from each other and from the conference speakers, to share and to pray together. We looked together at many ways that women can be “enslaved” today and what empowerment in Christ can look like.  ... One of the most exciting things was to see the process that Tumekutana is going through to develop toward being a group that supports each other, staying in touch during the intervening periods between conferences.

For more info, download the Tumekutana 2011 report.

Learning in Ghana
Charles Wiley (Office of Theology and Worship) blogs about conversations in Ghana

A delegation from the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) meets with the president of Ghana
WCRC can be a "worthy partner" in addressing poverty and interfaith relations, says the president

Ghana's Presbyterian churches are expressing their spirituality in ways that are more African in origin and expression

In a recent survey Ghana was ranked as the most religious country on earth. However, Josh Heikkila writes about the need for leaders who will challenge destructive tendencies that look to witchcraft.

Dying Texas church funds Presbyterian school in Ghana


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) began its relationships in Ghana more recently than in some other African countries. Our engagement in Ghana involves ministry through our partner church relationships. The PC(USA) joins its partners in Ghana in a holistic approach to ministry that includes education and leadership development, health ministries, community development, evangelism and new church development.

Many PC(USA) presbyteries and congregations have mission partnerships with presbyteries and congregations in Ghana. This forms the center of PC(USA) relations in Ghana along with an emphasis on outreach with the peoples of the more traditionally Muslim northern Ghana. 

Partner churches and crganizations

Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana

Christian Council of Ghana

Presbytery partnerships

Foothills Presbytery
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Presbytery of the James
Presbytery of Lackawanna
Presbytery of Lake Michigan
Mid-Kentucky Presbytery
Presbytery of New Brunswick
North PugetSound Presbytery
Salem Presbytery

Ghana Mission Network

The Ghana Mission Network is among more than 40 networks that connect Presbyterians who share a common mission interest. Most participants are involved in mission partnerships through congregations, presbyteries or synods. Network members come together to coordinate efforts, share best practices and develop strategies.

  • For more information, contact Donna Cammarata
    2016 meeting date: September 27-30, Wisconsin

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