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“He learned obedience through what he suffered.” —Heb. 5:8

Korean Emerging Ministries
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About Korean Emerging Ministries

The mission of Korean Emerging Ministries is to inspire, equip, and connect Korean congregations in the PC(USA). Today there are 400 Korean congregations with 50,000 active members. Korean congregations are geographically spread over 15 synods and 120 presbyteries. Korean Emerging Ministries covers three main objectives to fulfill the mission. They are leadership development, congregational support, and English Ministry. Read more

Meet the Associate for Korean Ministries

Rev. Dr. Sun Bai Kim

Rev. Kim started his ministry at the Presbyterian Center on August 15, 1988 as the Coordinator for Korean American Ministry in the Racial Ethnic Ministry Unit. He has been serving the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for 36 years as ordained minister. He graduated Yunsei University that was founded by the first PCUSA missionary, Horace Underwood. Rev. Kim was ordained in 1969 by the Presbytery of Seoul after he graduated Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary with degree of M.Div and Th.M. Read More 

Our Roots, Our Vision, Our Gift

In the middle of the nineteenth century, a most difficult time in Korean history, two Koreans were baptized by a Scottish Presbyterian missionary in Manchuria. This was in 1876. They, with several other Koreans who were later baptized, embarked on the enormous task of translating the Bible into the Korean tongue. After many months of hard work, the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts were translated and published in the Korean language in the fall of 1882. Read More



  • Dear Brother in Christ, Greetings to you from Zanzibar Island with the church from the crying time of help in Island of Zanzibar- Tanzania. This letter is please to request you as the Body of Christ for the suffering we are in today, by asking your help with a project taken on recently from your office. We are in a thorny problem of church services building for long of time now, because where we are staying and as church services we are used to. The bad thing is a house belongs to a Moslem. Now we are given deadline notice of one three month from the owner of the house to move and stop our church services and leave on the end of August 2012. According to situation we kindly feel your urgent support of Church Construction. So believe this can help us to as hem satan with his dominion is the Islamic area we are in. By this we hope to make an emergency church construction, because we cannot afford the cost to the financial position we are facing in our church. In ending I’d like to beg you again to help in three ways, please pray this projects can be done to receive what we need allowing the church services to continue and we get the place for church services. Secondly pass on the enclosed letter about land sponsors to some one who feels to help in your fellowship. And I would like to know if I can affiliated with your ministry, because I looking a ministry that I can work together here in Zanzibar. Finally, please consider what you can give to land for Christians, these Christian are God’s the future Zanzibar Church. Your strategic support will help them live see that future and to be better-equipped front. Yours Sincerely in Christ, Pastor Timothy W. Philemon P.O. Box 3035, Zanzibar- Tanzania by TIMOTHY W. PHILEMON on 07/25/2012 at 4:42 p.m.

  • My name is Archie samweli. I’m Tanzanian. I’m also a Christian. I was studying korea language in daejon University in Korea but ididn't finish becouse of money but in my country i still study . And I’m also a interpreter in korean and english language. Now, I wish to come to Korea for my studying. I’m looking for some scholarship information about Korea Aboard! Now, I’m also a preacher of God! I really desire to preach Him in my life! In this time, one my friend and I am preparing for a foreign language center where teach korean, english and Swahili for everyone and specially the poor. Its name is J.O.Y ( Journey Of You). I see a need about foreign language. You know! In my country, there is not condition for the poor to learn language so I pray for it and God gives a chance to open it! I want our center is a place to make them become disciple for Jesus Christ. We will study the bible together, some meetings with foreign pastors, some teachers and share together. I have already work for some korean companies, I teach swahili and English for the korean who are living in Tanzania . Now, I’m helped by many foreigners in here and mostly has some korean friend. I wish to come to Korea to study besides I wish to be taught the Bible in english and korean. Can you help me, please? In my future, I want to serve God by what God gives me, skills, abilities… I want to bring Glory to Him! In the next time, There is a korean invite me to visit his owner place in Tanzania and he hope that I can contribute with him to teach the bible in english language for 2 thousands workers in there. I’m thinking about it but my wish is come to korea for my studying! I hope that you can support for me scholarship or help me to know how i can get one and then I can serve God at all without being worried about the tuition and fees. Thank you so much for listening to my sharing. I don’t know anything about you but I believe God is The Lord know everything and he will help me at all. Once more thank you so much Sir Sincerely, Archie by Archie on 02/22/2012 at 1:15 p.m.

  • Respected and Dear Sirs/Madams, Hearty greetings from RAPHA here in Orissa State in India. Today I learnt about you from a Directory of internet. I take this opportunity to introduce our ministry to you for favour of your kind information and possible cooperation in our church ministry programme RAPHA is a grass root level spiritual development spiritual registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Govt. of Orissa and has been working with the rural community since 2003.Its main efforts are directed to empowerment of rural people for their social, spiritual and political upliftment, self-help, poverty mitigation, food security, adult literacy and environment protection. As is known globally, Orissa State is one of the most backward States in India. Hunger, poverty, high IMR, illiteracy has been chronic problems of the State inspire of Government's honest efforts to tackle them. We are planning to work with a rural community in a remote and most backward area of our district for poverty and hunger mitigation and would like to know whether it is possible for you to kindly extend your support for our project. Looking forward to your kind response and with kind regards I remain, Yours Sincerely, Pastor Willson John Nag Accountant/Project Director by Pastor. Willson John Nag on 01/28/2012 at 2:49 a.m.

  • Dearest sevants of Most High, Everlasting God, Is this the way Satan has used some men to deceive us and lead us astray from the sound truth of God’s Holy Word? . I am a born again clergy woman aged 26 yrs , married and with a twin boy and two girls and one small daughter. I am leading 6 congregations in the western Kenya with an average membership of 800 souls. Formerly, we used to belong to Swedenborgian church (New church cult) and the false teachings we have been taught!, only God can now reveal the mystics theologies when we compare with your truth teachings from the Holy Bible the Divine Word of God. I discovered your teachings through the web site October 2009. I have been making some print outs, teaching these congregations under my jurisdiction as well as comparing these teaching with Holy Bible scriptures line by line, hand by hand, and we have proved that you have the true teachings according to the doctrine of “sound words” profitable for church of God, believers. Therefore having separated our selves from this Swedenborg teachings (New church cult) since October, 2009. we humbly pass our request to join hands with you to become one family in the unity and bonds of peace of foster spreading the gospel to all parts of the world. Especially here where we seldom have such wonderful biblical truth teachings . Looking forward to your consideration to let us be “ one body,…in one hope of calling, one Lord, one faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all who is above all and through all, and in (us) all. (Eph 4:4-6_. In His Service, Damaris. by Damaris N. rianga on 11/06/2010 at 4:42 a.m.

  • 목사님 안녕하세요? 저는 아리조나 한인 장로교회의 김운석 장로입니다. 현재 저희 교회에서 담임목사님을 청빙중에 있습니다. 관심있으시면 이메일이나 제휴대폰으로 연락바랍니다. 623-302-2677 by 김운석 on 11/05/2010 at 3:32 p.m.