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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Korean Emerging Ministries
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Korean American Organizations

* National Council of Korean Presbyterian Churches(NCKPC) *

미국장로교한인교회전국총회    View the website in Korean

The National Council of Korean Presbyterian Churches (NCKPC),PC(USA) is a racial ethnic caucus representing 400 Korean-American churches in the PC(USA). It is second largest racial ethnic caucus in the denomination with about 55,000 active members and 40 years of history.

총회장 인사

총회장 새해 인사

More Information

* National Korean Presbyterian Men (NKPM) *

남선교회전국연합회    View the website in Korean

Men's Ministry, through God's will, helps to fulfill God's Mission and develop Christian character. Our goal is to provide missions, education and services to churches and societies around the world. For fulfilling our mission for men's ministry decides to set one target together and develop the following ministries. To full fill our mission for men's ministry we hope to develop the following ministries: Read more

* National Korean Presbyterian Women (NKPW) *

여선교회전국연합회   View the website in Korean

National Korean Presbyterian Women (NKPW) was established on 1987 as North and South Presbyterian Women were united. On 1988 NKPW sent a Liaison to PC(USA) PW as the Churchwide Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women (CCT/PW) and had participated as the CCT Korean-American Member-at-Large. Read more

*Coordinating Committee for Korean American Presbyteries(CCKAP)*


The 209th General Assembly (1997) approved the formation of the Coordinating Committee for Korean American Presbyteries (CCKAP) for the purpose of conducting conference and networking for its programs and activities, and approved funding for the conference and networking (Minutes p.62, 1997). The Associate for Korean emerging Ministries has been assigned to staff the CCKAP as Coordinator. Read more

* National Korean of Korean Presbyterian Churches Foundation *