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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Child Advocacy
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Getting Started in Your Own Congregation

Teen at BlackboardThe “Educate A Child: Transform the World” National Initiative provides an opportunity for congregations to receive support and encouragement in strengthening or beginning rewarding and important ministries to children in their communities. As you think about participating in this initiative the following may help you get started:

  • EXPLORE this website for more information about the Educate A Child Initiative, its focus, and resources.
  • UTILIZE a “Minute for Mission” opportunity during worship or church newsletter to introduce the idea of the Initiative and invite others in the congregation to join you in discovering what ministry and mission God might be calling you to on behalf of children.
  • GATHER those with interest together to read Matthew 18:1-7 and discuss what Jesus meant in his own advocacy for children. Pray together for the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • INVENTORY all the ways in which your congregation is addressing the educational needs of children in your congregation and in your community.
  • IDENTIFY those “stumbling blocks” which are keeping children and youth from living the lives for which they were created. Is it lack of quality early childhood programs? Gangs? Dangerous or ineffective schools? Poor nutrition? Unsafe play areas? Etc.
  • DISCOVER what other individuals and groups are doing to response to these needs. Talk with school officials, community leaders, clergy associations, health and/or recreation leaders.
  • DISCERN what you and your congregation might do – alone or in conjunction with others – to strengthen your advocacy for children and their educational opportunities and outcomes.
  • COORDINATE through your congregations’ Session, Committees, and leadership structure so that the whole congregation has a sense of and stake in welcoming the children!

As you seek to live out this initiative in your local context, check out these leadership training events and resources for worship, study, and action.

Leadership Training Opportunities

Resources for Further Action

You have a voice in Washington

The Presbyterian Office of Public Witness is the public policy information and advocacy office for the PC(USA).

In addition to being the church’s voice on public policy issues, the Office of Public Witness helps Presbyterians to be faithful advocates through issues networks that provide:

  • timely updates on pending national legislation affecting children
  • PC(USA) public policy statements
  • tools to advocate on behalf of children

Receive alerts from the Washington Office