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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

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PHEWA Networks

The Presbyterian Health, Education & Welfare Association is a voluntary membership organization. Its purpose is to provide resources for Presbyterians involved in social welfare and justice ministries. PHEWA has also worked, since its creation by General Assembly action in 1956, to make the church more responsive to the needs of the excluded and suffering. PHEWA is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Ten networks are organized under PHEWA to address special concerns. The networks of PHEWA are:

Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation (PACT)

Faithful to Jesus' prophetic vision, the Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation (PACT) is a network of community-based ministries of compassion, justice, worship and witness. PACT provides spiritual and practical resources for engaging in the prophetic ministry of transformation of communities and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN)

Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN) welcomes those who promote non-violence in all relationships. They provide advocacy and resources for the prevention of and healing from societal and domestic violence.

Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN)

The Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN) welcomes those who advocate and care for persons and families who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. They encourage the Church to live out Jesus' ministry of love and justice.

Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options (PARO)

Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options (PARO) welcomes those who support the full range of reproductive options that ensure that every child is loved and wanted. They are committed to ensuring that the policy of the PC(USA) is articulated, understood and preserved for future generations.

Presbyterian Association of Specialized Pastoral Ministries (PASPM)

The Presbyterian Association of Specialized Pastoral Ministries (PASPM) welcomes those involved in institutional chaplaincies, pastoral counseling and other specialized ministries. Members represent the PC(USA) at national professional organizations and work to ensure that the church recognizes their ministries.

Presbyterian Child Advocacy Network (PCAN)

The Presbyterian Child Advocacy Network (PCAN) welcomes those involved in ministries of education, direct service and advocacy for children. The network strives to extend the Baptismal embrace by lifting up the needs of children in the church, the community, nation and world.

Presbyterian Criminal Justice Network (PCJN)

The Presbyterian Criminal Justice Network brings Presbyterians together to transform our nation's broken criminal justice system, equipping congregations for ministries of compassion and grace. Find more resources here.

Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC)

Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) welcomes those who affirm, support and advocate for the gifts, rights and responsibilities of persons with disabilities in the total life of the church.

Presbyterian Health Network (PHN)

The Presbyterian Health Network (PHN) includes parish nurse ministry, presbytery and congregational health ministries and advocacy for health, healing and wholeness and welcomes your participation.

Presbyterian Serious Mental Illness Network (PSMIN)

The Presbyterian Serious Mental Illness Network (PSMIN) welcomes those who advocate in the church and greater community for those who have been touched by mental illness. They seek equity, justice, human dignity and full acceptance into the life of the church.