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“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” — Luke 23:42

Interfaith Relations
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Toolkit: Denominational Principles and Policies

How to get started | Models | Denominational Principles and Policies | Basic guides | Workshops and  studyFaithful witness 

Based on PC(USA) General Assembly statements and recommendations

Presbyterian Principles for Interfaith Dialogue brochure


Witness and Evangelism Among People of Other Faiths
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Presbyterians and Latter-day Saints
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United Church of Christ in Interfaith Dialogue

“Considerations for Members of the United Church of Christ in Interfaith Dialogue” offers insights both for those already engaged in interfaith relations and those who wish to develop them. It is an addition to the Study Resource commended to UCC churches for study and reflection by the General Synod in 2003.


Disciples of Christ and Interreligious Engagement

“Disciples of Christ and Interreligious Engagement” is a report from the Council on Christian Unity of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) offering a rationale for interfaith relations rooted in the identity of the Disciples of Christ.


A study guide is also available.

Toward a Theological Understanding of the Relationship Between Christians and Jews

This document was commended to the church for study by the 199th General Assembly (1987).


Study Christian-Muslim Relations

With the marked rise of concerns about Islam, and alarming anti-Muslim statements and actions, it is a good time to learn more about the faith and practice of Muslims, and to interact with them.  In July, the 219th General Assembly approved for study and guidance "Toward an Understanding of Christian-Muslim Relations."  This resource, with study suggestions, is ready for you to use! 


A Study on Islam

The 199th General Assembly adopted this document in 1987. It contains helpful perspectives on Islam and Presbyterian-Muslim relations.


Striving Together in Dialogue: A Muslim-Christian Call to Reflection and Action

This resource presents the thoughts of an international group of Christians and Muslims about the complex challenges and possibilities for Christian-Muslim relations today.


Why get involved with people of other faiths?

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has offered guidance about relations with neighbors who are Muslims, Jews, Hindus or followers of other faiths, in a variety of documents, and from a number of perspectives. We have assembled most of these policy and study resources here in an introduction to the thinking of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on interfaith relations and related issues.

Respectful Presence: an Understanding of Interfaith Prayer and Celebration from a Reformed Christian Perspective

This document, from the 209th General Assembly (1997), is available with a study guide and as a stand-alone document.

Respectful Presence (document only)


Respectful Presence (with Congregational Study Guide)


Building Community Among Strangers

Adopted by the 211th General Assembly (1999). The report and Study Guide are available from the Presbyterian Distribution Service. Call (800) 524-2612 or order online. Order PDS #OGA99028.

Resolution On All Forms of Anti-Semitism

A resolution passed by the 202nd General Assembly (1990).

Guiding Principles for Ethical Decisions Concerning Religious Freedom Around the World (adopted in 2002)

This document provides guidelines and affirmations concerning religious freedom throughout the world.


Presbyterian Church in the U.S., A Study of Universalism. 112th General Assembly (1972)

Study concerning both universal and limiting strands of biblical and theological understandings.


Interfaith Relations and the Churches

The policy statement of the National Council of Churches of Christ articulates an understanding of building relations with neighbors of other faiths as a dimension of Christian discipleship. A bulletin insert based on this statement is also available as well as a guide for congregational study.
Download the bulletin insert

Return to the Earth

The Return to the Earth project supports Native Americans in burying unidentifiable ancestral remains now scattered across the United States and enables a process of education and reconciliation between Native and non-Native peoples. The recent 217th General Assembly encouraged congregations to participate in this program. A study guide, including ideas for getting involved, is now available. Download the guide or call the Mennonite Central Committee at (888) 563-4676 to order.
Download the guide

Israeli-Palestinian Peace: Action of the 217th General Assembly

A document outlining recommendations regarding Israel/Palestine resolutions from the Assembly Committee on Peacemaking and International Issues of the 217th General Assembly (2006).