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“There was not a needy person among them.” — Acts 4:34

Interfaith Relations
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Toolkit: Faithful witness among our neighbors

Photo of a woman and man facing each other

Everything we do gives witness to who, and whose, we are. Photo by David P. Young

Reflect on Christian-Muslim relations
When I see a stranger's photo it is good to take time to think about how we are linked together as part of God's creation. If I were to have a conversation with this person, what would I say? What would this person say to me? Reflect on a stranger with a gallery of pictures of Muslims from the Middle East. Read More.

Witness and Evangelism Among People of Other Faiths
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Islam and Christianity
This study for youth and young adults from PC(USA)’s We Believe curriculum series focuses on how to talk about Christian faith with Muslim friends.

Engaging in interfaith dialogue
Hindus are fatalistic. Buddhists are spiritual. Christians always try to force their religion down everyone’s throat. One tragedy and dilemma of our times is that, although we live in a smaller world where travel is easy we still rely on outdated and inaccurate stereotypes when thinking about and even meeting other people.

Can we learn to work together on common goals? Can we discuss problems without acrimony and be open to others without watering down or compormising our own faith?

Download this article in the October 2008 issue of DisciplesWorld.


Loving our Buddhist and Muslim neighbors
How can we live faithfully as Christians in a world of many religions? Read the article by Terry C. Muck from the April 2008 Presbyterians Today magazine.


Is the Christian Faith Superior to Other Religions? And Christian Faith and Other Faiths: the Tension between Dialogue and Evangelism
Issues of evangelism viewed, respectively, from an evangelical and a mission perspective. Read "Is the Christian Faith Superior to Other Religions?"