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“There was not a needy person among them.” — Acts 4:34

Interfaith Relations
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Send us your models

What worked for you? Describe a model of interfaith activity you found effective and exciting, so that we may share it with others!

  • What did you do, and how did you plan it?
  • What have you and your congregation discovered through this activity?
  • Have children or youth been engaged in an interesting way?
  • What difference has this activity made in your interfaith relationship? To the life of your church?

Please send your description by email to Charles Wiley. Each contributor agrees to permit the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to publish or otherwise use her/his story. Selected models will appear in edited form on this Web site. Please include your contact information and the name, address, phone number and email/Web address (if available) of your church or presbytery.

Reuniting the Children of Abraham
Provides the tools for one way of bringing Christians, Muslim and Jews together, based on an extraordinary initiative among teens in the metro-Detroit area. Read more.

Interfaith Relations and the Churches
The policy statement of the National Council of Churches of Christ articulates an understanding of building relations with neighbors of other faiths as a dimension of Christian discipleship. A study guide is available. An abbreviated bulletin insert based on this statement is also available.

Taking heart in a changing religious landscape
The practice of Muslim prayer at a Twin Cities charter school has been getting a storm of media attention. The children at that school, along with Muslims everywhere, take a break from school on Friday afternoons to participate in Friday Ju’mah prayer, an obligation of all Muslim men. Critics fear that this practice favors one religion over another and that public school dollars are being used to promote Islam. Continue reading

Opening the church doors to Muslims in Franklin, Wisconsin
The Rev. Deb Bergson-Graham, pastor of the Faith Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Wisconsin, describes the simple steps one church took into a new Christian-Muslim relationship.
Continue reading