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“There was not a needy person among them.” — Acts 4:34

Interfaith Relations
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Interfaith Toolkit: Workshops and further study

Faithful Living Workshops: A Handbook

Learn how to plan and lead a three-day intensive event to deepen interfaith relationships. This handbook distills the experience of many such workshops around the United States. It describes what a Faithful Living Workshop is and what it can accomplish, explains the story-telling method and its values, and provides a step-by-step guide to organizing and facilitating such an event.


Occasional Papers Series

Israel in the Theology of Calvin – Towards a New Approach to the Old Testament and Judaism

Distinctive Reformed Christian understanding, with study questions.


Open Doors, Open Minds

A resource prepared by the Union for Reform Judaism for Christian and Jewish congregations to use for joint study and discussion. Presbyterians will find additional help for such a study in the Presbyterian Supplement created as a companion piece.

Presbyterian Supplement


Open Doors, Open Minds II

This is the second in this series of resources, designed for study together by Presbyterian and Jewish congregations. This study focuses on a number of specific ethical issues, and the basis for moral decision making in our traditions.


Thinking and Working Together: Study and Action Suggestions for Jewish and Christian Congregations

This 1993 guide, created by the PC(USA) and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (now the Union for Reform Judaism), offers a number of plans for congregations wanting to study or engage in a project together, together with resources and guidelines for conversation on Middle East issues.


Interfaith Study Guide

Another easy-to-use study resource on why, and how, to engage with neighbors of other faiths is available from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


Interfaith Relations and Christian Living: Study and Action Suggestions

An excellent study resource, with guidelines for an interfaith visit. This is based on the policy Statement of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, Interfaith Relations and the Churches. An abbreviated bulletin insert based on this statement is also available.


Ecumenical Considerations on Dialogue

This resource is a reflection on many aspects of interfaith relations from the churches of the World Council of Churches.


Respectful Presence: an Understanding of Interfaith Prayer and Celebration from a Reformed Christian Perspective

This document, from the 209th General Assembly (1997), is available with a study guide and as a stand-alone document.

Respectful Presence (document only)


Respectful Presence (with Congregational Study Guide)


Seven Friends Seven Faiths: Looking at Celebration of Different Faiths

by Martha Bettis Gee

Story book from the United Methodist Church with photo cubes tells of children of different faiths and how they celebrate their faith. Call (800) 305-9857 to order.

Diversity and Community

A statement about constructively entering into engagement with the religious diversity of the United States, adopted by the leaders of Religions for Peace USA.


Abraham and Ibrahim: the Bible and the Qur’an Told to Children
Written by Francien van Overbeeke-Rippen with a study guide by Kenneth and Margaret Thomas. $18.95. Order PDS #157153072X.

God is One: The Way of Islam
Written by R. Marston Speight. A well-received introduction to Islam by a Christian long related to Muslims, with an afterword and group study guide. Call (800) 889-5733 to order.

My Neighbour's Faith — And Mine
Reflection for individual/group study on themes such as creation, salvation, and scripture, from World Council of Churches. Call (800) 944-6190 to order. ISBN 9782825408698.

Not Without My Neighbor
Written by Wesley Ariarajah. Consideration of issues that have arisen over years of WCC work in interfaith relations, viewed personally by a long-time participant. Call (800) 944-6190 to order. ISBN 9782825413081.

The Nearest in Affection by Stuart Brown
Issues in Christian-Muslim relations from a former WCC staff person. Call (800) 944-6190 to order. ISBN 9782825409701.