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“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.” — 1 Corinthians 12:4

Presbyterian Mission Agency
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February 2014 Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting Papers

These Items Require an Action.


A.100 - Finance Committee Agenda Revised 01.31.14

A.101 - Finance Committee Minutes revised 01.27.14

A.102 - Stony point Incorporation Evaluation Committee Report

A.103 - Capital Budget Requests

A.104 - Adjusted 2014 Presbyterian Mission Agency Budget

A.105 - Shared Services Report to the 221st General Assembly (2014)

A.106 - Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Response to Referrals to the 221st General Assembly (2014)

E.101 - Corporate property, Legal Fincance Committee of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), A Corporation - September 2013

E.102 - 2014 Manse Allowances

E.103 - Authorization of Contract Signors

E.104 - A Corp By-Laws Amendment

E.105 - Ghost Ranch Bank Account - Bank Resolution by Corporation

E.106 - Resolution to update Check signers

E.107 - Hope Presbyterian Church - Partial Write Off of Loan Balance

F.101 - Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Corporate Minutes - September 2013




B.100 - Justice Committee Agenda (Revised 02.03.14)

B.101 - Justice Committee Minutes - September 2013

B.102 - Compassion, Peace & Justice Response to Referrals to the 221st GA (2014)

B.103 - Ecumenical Poverty Initiative - Affiliates List

B.104 - For Profit Prisons, Jails and/or Detention Centers be added to the List of Companies for Divestment and/or Proscription of Investment Ownership

B.105 -Mission Responsibility Through Investment Report & Recommendations to the 2014 General Assembly: Engagement with Corporations on Israel-Palestine Issues from 2004-2013

B.109 - Justice for Western Sahara

B.111 - World Mission Response to Referrals to the 221st GA (2014)

B.112 - A Recommendation for the Presbyterian Mission Agency to become an official member of the We Will Speak Out Campaign

B.113 - Japan Mission Action to Appoint a New Representative



C.100 - Leadership Committee Agenda (Revised 02.04.14)

C.101 - Leadership Committee Minutes -September 2013

C.102 - Theology, Worship, & Education Response to Referrals to the 221st GA (2014)

C.103 - Approval of List of Related Schools, Colleges & Universities to the 221st GA (2014)

C.104 - Knoxville College (Revised 02.06.14)

C.105 - Approval of Women of Faith Award Nominees

C.106 - Revisions to the Institutional Standard for Participating in the Christmas Joy Offering (Revised 02.06.14)

C.107 - Institutional Relationship Agreement with the Racial Ethnic Schools & Colleges

C.108 - Engaging with Presbyteries & Congregations in the Sending & Support of Mission Personnel

C.109 - Institutional Relationship Agreement with Presbyterian Women

C.110 - Presbyterian Council for Chaplains & Military Personnel (PCCMP) Annual report 2012-2014

C.111 - What it means for a school, college or university to be "Presbyterian-related"



D.100 - Worshiping Communities Committee Agenda

D.101 - Worshiping Communities Committee Minutes - September 2013

D.102 - 1001 New Worshiping Communities (Revised 02.06.14)

D.103 - Evangelism and Church Growth Response to Referrals to the 221st GA (2014)

D.104 - Directory for Worship

D.105 - Racial Ethnic & Women's Ministries/Presbyterian Women Response to Referrals to the 221st GA (2014) (Revised 02.06.14)

D.106 - Racial Ethnic & New Immigrant Church Growth Consultation Committee Report (Revised 02.06.14)

D.107 - Measure for Measure: Assessing the Effectiveness of Hearing & Singing New Songs to God (Revised 02.06.14)


 G.100 - Audit Committee Agenda

G.101 - Audit Committee Minutes - September 2013


 H.100 - Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee Agenda

H.101 - Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee Minutes

H.102 - Chair appointments (Revised 02.04.14)

H.103 Exective Director's Office Report to the 221st GA (2014) (Revised 01.31.14)

H.104 - "Educate a Child, Transform the World"

H.105 - "Living Missionally"

H.106 - Special Offerings Advisory Task Force Report

H.107 Corresponding Members to the 221st GA (2014)

H.108 Personnel Subcommittee Report (Revised 01.31.14)

Joint PMABX/COGA Meeting

Joint PMABX/COGA Agenda

10.a - Per Capita Budget Report for PMABX/COGA Meeting

10.b - Directory for Worship

10.c - Mid Council Commission Report 2 to the 221st General Assembly (2014)