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“The word of God is living and active.” —Hebrews 4:12

Presbyterian Mission Agency
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April 2015 Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting Papers

Information Items

All items that do not require an action and are shared with the Board for information only. These items are for review by the Board.


 A.200 Management Report - December 31, 2014

A.201 Per Capita Report - December 31, 2014

A.202 Curriculum Report - December 31, 2014

A.203 Presyterian Mission Program Fund (PMPF) Report - December 31, 2014

A.204 New Gifts and Additions - December 31, 2014

A.205 Stony Point Financials

A.206 Ghost Ranch Financials

A.207 Information Technology Report

A.208 Coordinated Loan Fund Report

A.209 Presbyterian Foundation Endowment Fund Report

A.210 Annual Self Insurance Fund Report

A.211 Consolidated Financial Statement



B.200 Jinishian Memorial Program United States Advisory Committee and Governance Commission Minutes, October 2014

B.201 Educate a Child, Transform the World Campaign Update

B.202 Presbyterian Hunger Program Advisory Committee (PHP) Minutes - October 2014

B.203 Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee (MRTI) Update

B.204 Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee (MRTI) Update on Fossil Fuel Companies and Climate Change Referral 15-01

B.205 Ministry Highlights from the Presbyterian Health, Education, & Welfare Association (PHEWA) and the PC(USA) Disability Concerns Consultants Program

B.206 Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Advisory Committee (PDA) Minutes - October 2014

B.207 Black Lives Matter

B.208 Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People September 17-20, 2014 - New 4-15-15


 C.200 Racial Ethnic Schools and Colleges Update

C.201 Presbyterian Women Churchwide Gathering

C.202 Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday

C.203 Appointment Actions for Mission Personnel

C.204 Young Adult Volunteer Program Update

C.205 Update on Stony Point Center 

C.206 Introduction - Coordinator for Theological Education 

C.207 Introduction - Executive Director for the Association of Presbyterian Schools and Colleges

C.300 The Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC) offers the following advice and counsel on Item C.103 Historically Presbyterian Racial Ethnic Institutions Task Force


D.200 1001 New Worshiping Communities Update

D.201 Collegiate Ministries Update

D.202 New Beginnings Update

D.203 Mission Development Resources Committee Manual of Operations

D.204 Middle Eastern Ministries

D.205 Portuguese-language Congregational Support

D.206 2015 National Consultation on Developing Regional Racial Ethnic Ministries

D.207 Churchwide Conference on Race, Ethnicity, Racism, and Ethnocentricity

D.208 Directory for Worship Update

D.209 Introducing a New Denominational Curriculum:  Growing in Grace & Gratitude

D.300 The Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC) offers the following advice and counsel on Item D.204 Middle Eastern Ministries


H.200 World Mission Fundraising Report 2014

H.201 Special Offerings Fundraising Report 2014 - Revised 4-10-15

H.202 New Initiative Fundraising Update

H.203 2013-16 Mission Work Plan Process