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“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.” — 1 Corinthians 12:4

Presbyterian Mission Agency
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February 2016 Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting Papers


Action Items

A.100 Finance Committee Agenda (Revised 02.02.16)

A.101 Finance Committee Minutes - September 2015, November 2015 GoTo Meeting and January 2016 GoTo Meeting (Added 01.27.16)

A.102 Adjusted 2016 Presbyterian Mission Agency Budget (Revised 02.05.16)

A.103 Shared Services Report to the 222nd General Assembly

A.104 Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Report to the 222nd General Assembly (Added 02.02.16)

A.105 Supplier Diversity Policy Revisions (Revised 01.27.16)

A.106 PMPF Subcommittee Action to Develop Strategy About Unrestricted Reserves and Consider Revision of the 1990 GA Action (Added 02.04.16)

A.107 PILP Report to 222nd General Assembly (2016) (Added 02.02.16)

E.101 Corporate Committee Minutes - September 2015

E.102 2016 Manse Allowance

E.103 Banking: Opening General Assembly Bank Account (Revised 02.01.16)

F.101 Corporation Minutes - September 2015 (Revised 01.29.16)

Information Items

A.200 Management Reports - November 30, 2015 (Added 01.27.16)

A.201 Presbyterian Mission Program Fund (PMPF) Report - November 30, 2015 (Revised 02.03.16)

A.202 Per Capita Report - November 30, 2015 (Added 01.27.16)

A.203 Curriculum Report - November 30, 2015 (Revised 01.29.16)

A.204 Stony Point Financials - November 30, 2015 (Added 01.27.16)

A.205 Ghost Ranch Financials - November 30, 2015 (Added 01.27.16)

A.206 Endowments and Gift Report - July-December 2015 (Added 02.01.16)

A.207 Information Technology Report (Added 02.01.16)

A. 208 The Restoring Creation Loan Program Update (Added 02.01.16)

A.209 Coordinated Loan Program Report (Added 02.01.16)

A.210 Presbyterian Foundation Report (Added 02.02.16)

A.211 The Cost of Doing Ministry (Added 02.02.16)


Action Items

B.100 Justice Committee Agenda (Revised 02.02.16)

B.101 Justice Committee Minutes - September 2015

B.102 Dunggi Property (Lahore, Pakistan) Proceeds Redesignation

B.103 Compassion, Peace & Justice Ministry Response to Referrals (Revised 01.27.16)

B.104 Response to Referral - MRTI Report with Recommendations 2016 (Revised 01.27.16)

B.105 World Mission Response to Referrals

B.106 New Affiliate Application - National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)

B.107 New Affiliate Application - National Action Network (NAN)

B.108 Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Mid-Council Engagement Guidelines (Revised 02.04.16)

Information Items

B.200 Jinishian Memorial Program United States Advisory Council and Governance Commission Minutes - November 5, 2015

B.201 Minutes from Presbyterian Hunger Program Advisory Committee - October 2015

B.202 Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy Reports going to General Assembly

B.204 RE&WM Response to Referral Report with Recommendations - Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community (Added 02.02.16)

B.203 Response to Referral - Churchwide Conversation on Race Ethnicity Racism and Ethnocentricity Report (Added 02.02.16)


Action Items

C.100 Leadership Committee Agenda (Added 01.28.16)

C.101 Leadership Committee Minutes - September 2015

C.102 Theology Formation and Evangelism Responses to Referrals 2016

C.103 Response to Referral - Women of Color Consultation Report (Revised 02.01.16)

C.104 Women of Faith Award Nominees

C.105 Presbyterian Women Organization for Mission Amendment (Revised 02.04.16)

Information Items

C.200 Celebrate the Gifts of Women

C.201 Presbyterian Women Update

C.202 Racial Ethnic  New Immigrants Seminarians Conference

C.203 Mission Co-Worker Handbook Update Regarding Mission Personnel Actions

C.204 Mission Personnel Actions

C.205 Young Adult Volunteer Program Summary and Updates

C.206 Theology and Worship Update 


 Action Items

D.100 Worshiping Communities Committee Agenda (Added 01.27.16)

D.101 Worshiping Communities Committee Minutes - September 2015

D.102 Racial Ethnic & Women's Ministries Response to Referrals (Added 01.27.16)

D.103 Theology Formation and Evangelism Report with Recommendations - Directory for Worship (Revised 02.01.16)

D.104 Second-Cycle 2015 DREAM Grant

D.105 Community of Mission Practice-A New Role for Mid Councils and Congregations in the Sending of Mission Personnel (Revised 02.04.16)

Information Items

D.200 Evangelism Update

D.201 Racial Ethnic and Women's Ministries Events and Highlights


Action Items

G.100 Audit Committee Agenda (Revised 01.27.16) 

Information Items



Action Items

H.100 2016 February Ex. Comm. Agenda (Revised 02.02.16)

H.101 Executive Committee Minutes

H.102 Appointments by the Chair (Revised 02.02.16)

H.103 Executive Director's Office Report to GA (Revised 02.04.16)

H.104 Corresponding Members to GA (Revised 01.25.16)

H.105 2017-2018 Mission Work Plan (Revised 02.01.16)

H.106 2016 Salary Increases (Revised 01.27.16)

H.107 Special Offerings Review Task Force Report (Revised 02.04.16)

H.108 Personnel Subcommittee Report (Revised 02.01.16)

H.109 Communications Ministry Report to General Assembly

H.110 Election of President (Added 02.02.16)

H.111 Recommendation regarding committee chair election procedures for the Worshiping Communities Committee (Added 02.03.16)

J.101 Nominating and Governance Subcommittee Report (Added 02.02.16)

 Information Items

H.200 Mission Work Plan Research Results (Added 01.26.16)

H.201 Report of the Committee to Review the Presbyterian Mission Agency (Added 01.28.16)

H.202 Objectives for 2017-2018 Mission Work Plan Process (Added 02.01.16)

 Joint COGA/PMAB Executive Committee

16.0 Agenda (Added 02.02.16)

16.1 General Assembly Per Capita Budget for 2017-2018 (Added 02.03.16)

16.2 Policy Supporting Hotel and Hospitality Workers (Added 02.02.16)